3 Reasons March is the Ultimate Month for a Wine Tour to Napa Valley

Feeling tired of the city life? Don’t let yourself get burnt out. Napa Valley is the perfect spot for a retreat from your daily hustle and March is the best time to take full advantage of what the area has to offer.

Here’s why you should head to Napa Valley for a wine tour in March:

Get in Tune with Nature

Even with holiday excitement, the winter months can be a drag for many people. March is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those winter doldrums and feel the sun shining on your skin again. Wine Country in California is a perfect balance between scorching heat and shivering cold. It’s pleasant enough to be able to enjoy bike tours and hikes without getting a chill.

Early risers can enjoy sunrises with the crisp morning air carrying floral scents from the vineyards. Night birds can spend their time lounging in their vacation home patio watching the stars twinkle.

Live Like a King

Most people tend to go on vacation from June to September, taking advantage of the long school break and the warm weather. However, if you can manage to get away for a few days, March is the perfect shoulder season to take advantage of the lower pricing. You can find luxury vacation home rentals in March at great prices for value.

Affordable wine tours are also a great reason to visit Napa Valley in March. You’ll find yourself becoming a connoisseur of wines within a couple of days!

Check Out The Night Life and Festivals

March is a busy month for Napa Valley tourists, with music, food and cultural events scheduled for every week of the month. For a night of diverse music, exquisite food and the finest wines, you could head over to the Yountville Live festival happening from March 19–22. This night combines the sumptuous feel of Napa wine tourism with the excitement of a night out on the town. Groth Vineyards and Winery are also having a Spring Release Party. Kick back and enjoy a diverse range of wines while you bring out your fun side by playing video games! There’s so much more going on in Napa in March; check out the Napa Valley calendar for more.

Whether you’re a California resident looking for a quick getaway, or a wine fanatic trying to figure out when the best time to go, March is a great time for anyone to visit. Contact us at 855-358-WINE for help booking an affordable luxury vacation home or visit our website for listings, services and more information about what to do in Napa Valley.