3 Reasons to Visit During Napa Valley Off-Season

When planning a trip to Wine Country, most people book their vacation for summer. And while summer is the best time to go on a wine vacation, planning a trip during Napa Valley off-season has its perks too.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to visit Napa Valley and Sonoma County during fall and spring:

Avoid the Stress Of Booked Rooms And Packed Locations

During fall, the busy season abates and local residents come out in full swing to enjoy the peace and quiet.

In spring, locals start preparing for the rush of visitors in the summer by testing new wines and delicious meals. It’s the perfect time to visit Wine Country for a truly relaxing experience as you indulge in the local culture without getting frustrated by the hustle and bustle of summer crowds.

Travel In Style

Vacation homes and other facilities lower their prices during Napa Valley off-season, fall and spring. This means you can have a truly luxurious experience without shelling out big bucks and spending all your savings.

Local resorts also offer special deals and discounts during off-season. You can also get tickets to the best tastings and local events without the added worry of them being sold-out.

Napa Valley Off-Season Barrel Tasting

Meet the Makers of Your Favorite Wines and Local Products

Summer is often so crowded that it’s rare that you’ll get to meet your favorite winemakers. By visiting during Napa Valley off-season, you can meet local wine producers and get an inside look into how the various spirits, wines, and brews are made by the local artisans. You can even get some hands-on experience in making cheese and other local artisanal products.

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