3 Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Travel is on the rise; people are interested in experiencing home-like, higher-quality vacations. And that’s where vacation rentals come in! From everyone having their own rooms, to multiple bathrooms and a private kitchen, a vacation rental really allows you to “vacation like a local.”

Let’s look at some other reasons why choosing a vacation rental over a hotel is worth it:

A Home Away From Home—Private Amenities

A study shows that some of the most popular amenities that travelers are looking for are stunning views, a kitchen, free Wi-Fi and a private pool.

While hotels typically offer a range of amenities, they’re always shared with hundreds of other guests.

Want to take a dip in the Jacuzzi? You might have to share it with a group of rowdy teenagers. Planning a quick workout in the hotel’s fitness center? Expect to wait for the machine you want to use.

On the other hand, all the facilities in the vacation rentals are for you and your family alone. The comfort and privacy of having all these amenities to yourself is a big selling point for vacation rentals. What’s more is that companies that offer luxury vacation rentals—like The Wine Stay—curate experiences and tours tailored just for you. This may even include a five-star chef at your disposal! A luxury vacation rental is really the perfect place for you to de-stress and indulge your soul.

Lower Costs

What’s the one thing travelers love? Privacy. For more privacy, guests end up booking multiple hotel rooms, which can be really costly. And expect the costs to skyrocket if you have older children, or a large family! Why spend thousands on booking hotel rooms (or pricey suites) for a week when you can book a vacation rental for a third of the price? Vacation rentals not only offer more space, but the average cost per night ends up being lower too.

While all vacation rentals aren’t cheap, they generally provide more square footage for your money compared to similarly priced hotels located in the same area. Add in the savings of cooking your own meals in the kitchen, and you have a clear winner.


Traveling With Children Is A Breeze!

Family vacations are great—minus the stress of traveling with toddlers. Disrupted routines and missed naps can combine to create a cranky kid! It’s a lot easier to maintain your child’s routine in a vacation rental. Simply stock your rental kitchen with your child’s favorite snacks—or if anyone in your family has special dietary restrictions—and you’ll always be ready.

Moreover, in a vacation rental, parents can put the kids to bed and unwind in a personal space or watch a movie together without worrying about disturbing the children.

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