3 Things You Can Learn on a Hike

You stepped into 2020 with one clear resolution in mind: More. Adventure.  You’re wondering what you can learn on a hike beyond what you already know.

Yet, your bags are still unpacked and the protein bars you bought for all those thrilling adventures seem to have been repurposed as post-Netflix and chill snacks.

It’s time for a self-intervention. While there’s nothing wrong with immersing yourself in your career and achieving your work goals, it’s important that you take some time for yourself. Whether you choose to go on an affordable wine tour to Napa Valley, a camping escapade in Calistoga or a thrilling hike in Sonoma, reconnecting with nature is bound to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

Here are three things you can learn on a hike that will motivate you to get things going and keep your New Year’s resolution intact!

The Beauty of Living in the Moment1. The Power of Taking Breaks

Our busy schedules and hectic lives often make it hard for us to hit pause and take a healthy break from all the chaos. We may not have the time or simply feel like we’re unproductive by putting a stop to the hustle for a while.

Learn on a hike to remind yourself that breaks are necessary means of refueling your mind, body and soul. Recharge yourself and your perspective for better energy, health, and performance.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a few hours off each day, making time for yourself will always pay off and ultimately make you feel better.

2. The Beauty of Living in the Moment

Our fast-paced lives have altered our ability to soak in moments as they’re happening before our eyes. Whether we’re pulling out our phones to capture special moments or missing them altogether because we’re glued to our screens, we’re prone to missing the beauty of living in the moment.

A beautiful countryside hike with refreshing views of open pastures and golden grape fields is the perfect way to truly comprehend the beauty of nature and appreciate it in all its glory.

3. The Destination is Worth the Journey

While a hike is a guaranteed visual feast, it can also get challenging at times. Depending on your trail, you may have an easygoing hike on level ground or a strenuous uphill trek.

While you may customize your plan accordingly, there will be some moments of perseverance. Your willingness to push through these moments of thrilling adversity will make you realize your physical, mental and emotional strength and tenacity.

The rich payoff will become evident as you reach your intended destination and soak in the glorious view, simultaneously realizing that the journey was truly worth it.

If you’re struggling with moments of stress and/or anxiety in your personal life, this experience will make you realize the essence of pushing through and coming out stronger on the other side—an outcome that will make it all worth it.

The Desination is Worth the Journey

Ready to gear up for the first of many hikes to come in the future? Re-align your mind, body and soul by heading out of Los Angeles and booking a vacation rental in Calistoga. Soak in the magic of your serene haven and immerse yourself in the bucolic countryside hiking trails nearby. Our local experts will guide you along to make the experience truly memorable and transformative.