4 Ideas to Have the Most Amazing New Year’s Eve

2019 is ending very soon and people are planning to end the year with a bang. With holidays and New Year’s Eve (NYE) all coming up within the same week, there’s no better time than the end of the year to celebrate. Having an amazing New Year’s Eve is easier than you think, and you don’t have to travel to NYC to do it.

Powering through work, school and chores all year long can get exhausting, leaving you with the itch to do something fun and relaxing. Something that’ll have you entering the new year with revived fervor.

Great Ideas for an Amazing New Year’s Eve

Going to loud parties and dancing all night long isn’t the only thing you can do to welcome the new year, though. That’s far from relaxing for a lot of people, especially when traffic, large crowds and noise aren’t your cup of tea—remember the How I Met Your Mother episode about NYE?

These ideas are a mix of traditional forms of partying, quieter alternatives, solo and group ideas and more:

1) Date night with your boo

How long has it been since you got to dress up and really treat yourselves? We’re talking about really going all-out, fancy outfits, hair and makeup, exquisite dinner and champagne, endless conversations and then some.

Or you could go the other route and stay in for a cozy, intimate date night enjoying each other’s company, taking advantage of the comfort of home on a crazy night. Head out for a quiet drive or up to the roof to watch fireworks.

2) Head to a concert or show

This probably involves loud noises and wild crowds, but it’s a fun way to spend time on New Year’s Eve. Live performances and concerts are always fun and if they’re happening on NYE, they’re bound to carry on past midnight. You can stay back and enjoy the party, without the traffic and stress of tiring out.

3) Go on a trip

What’s a better time than NYE and the holidays before it to take a trip? Plan a short escape with your girls and some other friends and family and escape to someplace beautiful like Wine Country. You can book a luxury vacation home with us, and have an amazing New Year’s Eve sipping wine and eating food prepared by a gourmet chef or hang out in the hot tub, wine drunk and surrounded by people you love. Get in touch with us to know more about vacation rentals in Wine Country!

4) Have a night in with your girls

Pull out your comfiest PJs, take off your makeup, grab ice-cream, pizza and all your favorite snacks and enjoy a cozy night in with your best friends. Dance, sing and go crazy as it strikes midnight—just in the comfort of your PJs. A perfect end to the year!

Do what you and your friends will truly enjoy; don’t feel pressured to party or do the same thing each year.