4 Reasons To Honeymoon in Wine Country in 2020

Planning and executing a magical honeymoon in Wine Country is the best gift you can give your partner after marriage. It’s one of the most special trips you’ll take together because it’s the first time you’re heading into a new chapter of into your life and destination as a couple!

Your honeymoon should be memorable for all the right reasons. It should also be special and relaxing. You should both get to enjoy spending time with one another doing what you love collectively.

Eating good food and visiting beautiful places can only come second to waking up next to the person you love. But waking up to breathtaking views and in a luxury vacation rental instead of a noisy hotel is even better! You can do all this and more in wine country! Find out

Are you looking for a new and exciting honeymoon destination? It’s time to stand out and do something different with a honeymoon in the vineyards of wine country.

Enjoy staying a vacation rental

A honeymoon in wine country is super romantic, and means you can cuddle away with your boo anywhere. But you also have the luxury to stay back in your vacation rental and enjoy a sensuous couple’s massage.

Indulge in multiple activities

You can head out to do your favorite activities on your own time throughout the day! There’s plenty to explore and lots of bounties of nature to appreciate in Wine country from coast lines, parks, hiking trails and lots more!

Honeymoon in Wine Country: Wine and Dine

Wine and dine

You can eat delicious food prepared by a 5-star chef and made with fresh produce. You also get to drink some of the finest wines made in the thousands of wineries in Wine country.

You can also blend your own wines of even visit several microbreweries in the region to taste delicious craft beers.

You also have the option to visit several local cafés in the area which will leave your palate cleansed and taste buds tantalized.

Take a hot air balloon ride

A honeymoon is the ideal time to indulge in many first times with your partner. Take on exciting new activities that either of you haven’t done before.

You can take a hot air balloon ride to witness the majestic beauty of the valley from up above. It can be a truly breathtaking moment and very intimate as well to share with the person you love.

To book a wine tour or luxury vacation rental anywhere in wine country, contact us at The Wine Stay. We make sure your honeymoon in Wine Country is memorable, comfortable and convenient.