4 Tips for Wine Tasting in Sonoma

One of the many thrilling and exciting things to do in Sonoma when on vacation is to go wine tasting. It also happens to be the ideal place to visit this time of the year, especially for wine enthusiasts. Here are some interesting Sonoma Wine facts.

Sonoma is at the center of the wine country and has several wineries that are worth visiting. Our wine tours offer a customized experience to some of the most diverse, organic and family-owned wines. We offer curated wine tours with our expert winemakers just for you.

Other wine tours include the Sonoma valley wine trolley for a memorable time on the Trolley! It begins at the Sonoma Plaza and continues for 6 hours at a stretch while stopping at 4 premium wineries including Ravenswood, Buena Vista Winery, and Paradise Ridge. You experience the rich history of Sonoma and its wine.

We also have the San Francisco Helicopters Food and Wine tour and the Gourmet Food and Wine Tours in downtown Sonoma. You can enjoy breathtaking views in the former and the elevated dining experience at various hotspots such as The Girl and the Fig, Delhi Belly Bistro, Sonoma Grille and more.

Without further ado, let’s delve into some tips to keep in mind when you’re wine tasting in any of the AVA’s in Sonoma County.

Book a Vacation Rental in Sonoma

Book a vacation rental

If you’re flying out all the way to Sonoma County, don’t book a hotel. A vacation rental will let you have the most authentic experience. You’ll get to enjoy your wine tasting tours and relax at your luxurious vacation home at ease.

Don’t drink and drive

You might not have intended to drink too much, but it can still happen. It’s safer to not risk it and book a tour with our chauffeur. We can help take you to and from the wine tours so you arrive safely to your destination.

It’s okay to spit

In fact, we would recommend it. It’s a wine tasting tour not a drinking tour. Occasionally, if you come across a wine you really like, it’s okay to drink it.

If you’re inside a cellar, spit in the drain or if you’re outside, you can spit in the gravel.

Swirl like a pro

You might have seen this technique plenty of times in the movies. It’s not meant just for dramatic effect, there’s a reason you’re supposed to swirl your glass!

You aerate your wine to expose it to more oxygen to help you smell the wine better. You can swirl it a minimum of 5 times before taking the first sniff. Remember to hold the bottom of the wine glass, to ensure a tight grip.

We can make your wine tours in Sonoma just the experience you’re looking for if you’re travelling from Jacksonville, TN. Contact us for more information.