5 Dreamy Honeymoon Destinations for Wine Lovers

With the whimsical and glittering stardust of romance dispersed in the air, February is the perfect month for a dream-like honeymoon. Whether you recently tied the knot or want to rekindle the spark in your relationship with a sweet getaway, there’s no better time to head out of your urban hub with your beau!

While the thought of a blissful vacation sounds heavenly, it’s hard to narrow down some of the best honeymoon destinations of 2020. With a wide range of options to pick from, tourists have recently been struggling with analysis paralysis, thereby putting off their vacation for weeks and months.

To make things easier, we dove head-first into the heavy research and compiled a list of the most popular and exotic vacation destinations for honeymooners.

If you’re a wine lover, these locations will fit right up your alley!

With a glass of sommelier-approved wine in one hand and a warm grip of your beau’s palm in the other, you’ll have a magical time as you take in the sights, scents, and sounds of these romantic destinations!

1. Wine Country

Known for its delectable wine, breathtaking vineyards, and lush river valleys, Wine Country is undeniably one of the top honeymoon destinations of 2020.

With over 400 wineries, the stunning region promises honeymooners endless rounds of some of the most luxurious and revered bottles of wine.

While you may opt for notable locations in Wine Country, including Napa Valley and Sonoma, we recommend touring the region in its entirety for a glimpse of its heavenly beauty. By opting for a variegated itinerary with multiple stops across the region, you’ll also get a rich taste of the culture of Wine Country.

From touring Alexander Valley to sneaking in a glimpse of the Russian River Valley, you’ll be in for a treat that doesn’t seem to end!

To make the most of your trip, we recommend opting for a luxurious vacation rental that packs state-of-the-art technology, premium amenities, and comfort for the perfect honeymoon. While many couples tend to overlook decor, it can ultimately make a big difference in creating the perfect atmosphere.

Indulge in a rental that’s decked in contemporary style with hints of Wine Country’s rustic flavor dispersed in between.

While soaking in the beauty of California Wine Country is a delectable treat in itself, add a touch of adventure to your vacation by embarking on an energetic kayaking trip or a sweet hot air balloon ride in the pastel skies! With a wide range of activities available for you and your beau, the region is known for showing tourists a good time is sure to keep you entertained!

Check out a comprehensive guide of the stunning region for a glimpse of everything it has to offer!

Romantic Restaurants in Wine Country

  • Solbar at Solage
  • Sunflower Café
  • LaSalette
  • Baci Café & Wine Bar

2. Napa

While traversing Wine Country by navigating its rich valleys and vineyards is a dream-like experience, head to its beautiful city, Napa, for a glimpse of luxury at its finest. If you want to opt for a localized itinerary as opposed to taking your honeymoon across the wide landscape of Wine Country, nestling into Napa is the perfect way to start things off!

With a population of 79,774, the stunning city offers beautiful sights and warm sunsets that’ll make you wish you could prolong your trip. Located in Napa County, the city boasts stunning vacation rentals that are decked with amenities and luxury.

To solidify your love, we also recommend making the most of its famous yoga instruction and massage therapy. With expert techniques perfected over the years, the local yoga instructors and massage therapists of Napa will alleviate your lethargy and jetlag, thereby helping you make the most of the city.

Head to Napa’s delectable wine tours to taste some of the most exquisite blends preserved over the years! From electric Cabernet Sauvignon to premium Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, the city will show you and your partner a great time that cannot be replicated by other destinations!

At The Wine Stay, we offer a tantalizing wine tour led by our in-house sommelier. Not only will you taste and sniff some of the most stunning wine varieties in Napa, but the excursion will also be customized for you to ensure each service is provided just how you want it!

Perfect for newlyweds, our wine tasting experience also packs a delicious picnic basket with additional perks and surprises for honeymooners. Embark on a romantic bike tour to feast upon the valleys, vineyards, and foothills of Napa.

Not only will you soak in the sights of the city, but you’ll also get a chance to spend some quality time with your beau! Immersed in the vibrant culture and rich greenery of Napa, you’ll feel renewed and reinvigorated.

Romantic Restaurants in Napa

  • Cafe Sarafornia
  • Belle Bakery and Cafe
  • Gott’s Roadside
  • TORC
  • Miminashi

3. Calistoga

Want to make things a little more cozy and romantic? Take your honeymoon to Calistoga—one of the most popular yet most discreet cities in Napa Valley.

With a population of 5,273, the snug city will warmly welcome you and give you and your spouse the privacy you deserve! Don’t get us wrong; the city still packs a thrilling nightlife of adventure and spontaneity. From stunning vineyards and wineries in the day time to some of the most delectable restaurants and clubs at night, the dynamic city truly packs it all.

To make the most of the sights of Calistoga, we recommend indulging in a beautiful vacation rental that helps you soak in its serenity and bliss. At The Wine Stay, we offer luxurious rentals in Calistoga with a private pool and Jacuzzi for honeymooners! Our 5-star chefs will serve you Michelin-star cuisine prepared using fresh and unique ingredients that are the secret behind the rich and flavorful taste of Calistoga’s food.

With exotic wine tours that not only give honeymooners a taste of Calistoga, but also immerse them in the history and culture behind each blend, you’ll be whisked away to wine land! From crisp Cabernet Franc to fruity Pinot Grigio, Calistoga will welcome you to its wine specialties with open arms!

Romantic Restaurants in Calistoga

  • Solbar at Solage
  • Bosko’s
  • Lovina
  • Evangeline
  • Brannan’s Grill
  • Buster’s Southern BBQ & Bakery
  • Calistoga Inn Restaurant and Brewery

4. Sonoma

While Napa offers its fair share of heavenly wine and a rosy landscape that’s hard to replace, Sonoma serves strong competition. As one of the most desirable honeymoon locations of the year, Sonoma offers a wine scene like no other.

With a population of 11,108, the historic city nestled in Wine Country is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples looking for the perfect blend of wine and adventure. Our wine tours help guests experience the thrilling wine of Sonoma in all its glory. From sipping varietal wines to diving into family-owned flavors and scents, you’ll soak in the more-than-pleasurable range of sommelier-approved wine the city has to offer!

Whether you’re a fan of Pinot Noir or classic Sauvignon Blanc, the varieties in Sonoma will transform your palate.

To make the most of the sights of this city for a sweet honeymoon that leaves lasting memories, we recommend hitting the skies for Sonoma’s renowned hot air balloon rides! Take your favorite snacks along to make the experience all the more fun. Better yet, call us and we’ll arrange all the amenities for you! From packing a delectable lunch basket with crisp and fresh sandwiches, crackers, cheese, and a bottle of bubbles, we’ll help you have the ultimate hot air balloon experience.

With everything planned to perfection, you’ll have a blissful time as you lose yourself in the serene sights of Sonoma and the eyes of your lover!

Romantic Restaurants in Sonoma

  • The Girl and The Fig
  • Sante
  • Cafe La Haye
  • Sunflower Café
  • LaSalette
  • El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen

5. Healdsburg

We saved the best for last! Tucked safely into the depths of Sonoma, Healdsburg has recently been growing in popularity among honeymooners. With a population of 11,840, this electric city has been a go-to for weddings.

Not only does it offer some of the most romantic restaurants for honeymooners, but the city also captures the essence of Wine Country to perfection. With stunning sommelier-guided wine tours to some of the most incredible hiking trails in Wine Country, Healdsburg offers a plethora of swoon-worthy options for a fun, relaxing, and romantic vacation!

To make the most of the serene city, we recommend heading to Dry Creek Vineyard and the Ferrari-Carano Winery.

Opt for a comfortable and luxurious vacation home that offers a wide range of conveniences, including a personal driver, grocery delivery at your doorstep, 5-star chef, and sommelier services. Whether you choose to head out for a glimpse of Healdsburg’s sights or stay in for a private and romantic evening, the city will ultimately show you an incredible time!

Romantic Restaurants in Healdsburg

  • Bravas Bar De Tapas
  • Campo Fina
  • Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar
  • Baci Cafe & Wine Bar
  • Barndiva
  • Madrona Manor

Ready to embark on your journey of love? Make the most of our vacation houses in Wine Country, including Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, and Healdsburg. Whether you opt for Wine Country tours across the region itself or choose a cozy destination snuggled within Wine Country, you’re guaranteed a relaxing and adventurous time with your spouse! Find out more about our stunning vacation rentals, guest services, amenities, and wine tours to get started!