5 Must-Haves For Your Next Luxury Vacation

Luxury vacations have been popular for a long time but have gotten more accessible and affordable for most people. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry. These are experiences that people save up for and decide to splurge on, and rightly so.

Not everyone can afford to jet off to fancy vacations multiple times a year, or be savvy and budget-conscious like those with the travel bug. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place; you want to experience new things and see other places, but you need to plan carefully too.

One of the best places to head for a luxury vacation in Wine Country, CA. You can live on one of the gorgeous vacation homes in Calistoga, Healdsburg or around the region, which are perfect for travelers from Alexandria, Arlington, Charlotte and plenty more places.

For the ultimate luxury vacation experience, invest in the following before and during your trip:

1. Ample room size and private amenities

We’ve already mentioned how getting a vacation rental for a trip to Wine Country is the perfect vacation necessity. Don’t settle for cramped, poorly located motels, hostels and hotels when you’re here for a good time.

Our homes come with multiple rooms, are fully-furnished and functional. You get to enjoy several amenities like pools and hot tubs in addition to these features. Go all out and live like a king or queen during your trip! Get in touch with us to book a luxury vacation home.

Luxury Calistoga Rental

2. Transport arrangements

Hate running on someone else’s schedule? Tired of that big city transit? Indulge in private transport such as chauffeurs, pick and drop services, airport services, traveling in luxury vehicles from place to place! Ask us about our transport services or others in your area.

3. Sleek and functional suitcases and vacation purse

Suitcases are among the best investments you can make for any vacation and in the long run. So are bags! Invest in a high-quality, multipurpose set or individual case for yourself or your family and use them for storage when you’re not traveling. Smart and practical—after all, you need a place to keep all your amazing vacation outfits, right?

4. Complete spa treatment before and during

We’re sure you want to pamper yourself while on vacation but kick that off early with a complete mani-pedi and spa treatment to look and feel your best during your trip. This doesn’t mean that you skip out on the opportunity to do that on vacation too! Treat and pamper yourself—you deserve it!

Spa Treatment

5. Food and drinks

Food and drinks are one of the ways people try to save up on while traveling but the point of a luxury vacation is to indulge in all the gastronomic experiences you wouldn’t get a chance to enjoy otherwise. Have the best foods and wines Wine Country offers, trying varieties native to all different counties and districts, from Calistoga to Sonoma to Napa!

Don’t hold back from spending on yourself once in a while! Why else are you working so hard?