5 Sizzling Wines to Sip As You Watch the Drama Unfold on The Bachelor

From the Alayah drama last week to the latest feud between Mykenna and Tammy, this season of The Bachelor is truly shaping up to be“the most dramatic season ever,” in true Chris Harrison fashion.

If you’ve been glued to your screens with your girlfriends and a bowl of buttered popcorn keeping you company, we hate to break it to you but you’re doing the experience an injustice. As the show that famously makes viewers Rosé all day, it’s time to indulge in some sweet and electric wine that helps you soak in the drama in all its glory!

We’ve rounded up five of the most sizzling and tantalizing wines that will take your Bachelor experience to the next level. Read on!

1. Pinot Grigio Brut Rosé

As one of the most popular dry sparkling wines of 2020, this classic bottle of Rosé will make your Bachelor night all the more fun! Its hints of fruity fervor and Italian magic will leave your taste buds wanting more as the night progresses.

Packed with some of the most delectable grape varieties, the Pinot Grigio Brut Rosé is ultimately a winner in our books. We recommend pairing it with a hearty platter of cheese and crackers to perfectly complement the flavors for a fun night that leaves everyone satiated!

2. Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This 2013 variety is easily one of the best wines to pair with chocolate. With delicious hints of black raspberry and roasted espresso, you’re in for quite a treat.

We recommend diving into this beauty with a chocolate-laden dessert towards the end of the night. This beauty from Napa Valley also offers a unique pair with buttered snacks. Its deeply layered notes of cherry and rustic cocoa blend perfectly with buttered popcorn or salted crackers.

Whether you opt for dessert or a buttered treat, you’re in for a delight either way!

3.Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay

If there’s one wine that makes Peter a little more interesting to us, it’s the Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay.

While Pilot Pete has been disappointing us with his lack of emotional intelligence and poor decision-making lately, downing this electric wine is the perfect way to shift your attention to the incredible ladies this season, especially Natasha and Madison.

Created by Virginia Willcock—one of the most renowned and awarded female winemakers of the year—this piece carries strong notes of nectar, roasted nuts, and female success. Chug it with your girlfriends as you root for Natasha as the next black bachelorette (fingers crossed!).

4. Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc

As one of our favorite wines of the year, the Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc packs eclectic flavors of lime and passion fruit that blend beautifully as they hit the taste buds. With additional hints of ripe gooseberry, this winning wine will hit all the right spots and pair perfectly with your favorite snacks.

Whether you opt for hot nachos or some healthy fruit, there’s no way you can create a messy combination because of its versatility. We recommend sipping this beauty throughout the show for continual bursts of fruity flavor.

5. Long Meadow Ranch 2018 Rosé of Pinot Noir

We’ve got to give it to this juicy strawberry blend. With powerful notes of peach and herbs, it leaves a fresh and energetic aftertaste that compels us to take another gulp.

We must warn you, though. No sooner will you pop the cork than realize you’ve finished the entire bottle.

Its zesty flavor and refreshing notes also create a beautiful scent that hits your nose immediately before you dive in. With the perfect multi-sensory experience that engages your taste buds and olfactory senses, you’ll be in for a treat that takes your Bachelor experience to new heights!

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