5 Tips for Affordable Napa Valley Trips from Indianapolis

The words ‘Napa Valley’ and ‘cheap’ usually aren’t used together. Wine tours and vacation rentals to Wine Country usually take up a big chunk of people’s savings. From expensive lodging costs to costly wine tastings, a trip to Napa Valley can end up costing thousands of dollars if you don’t plan it properly. But for affordable Napa Valley trips from Indianapolis, there’s some good news!

With the help of some tips from our wine tour experts, you can plan a trip from Indianapolis to Napa Valley on a budget.

Here’s how:

Visit During Off-Season

While most people tend to book wine tours during the summer, the best time to visit Wine Country is during off-season.

Fall and winter in Napa Valley are quieter and less crowded, which makes them the ideal times to visit.

The local restaurants, resorts, and hotels also offer plenty of deals and discounts to visitors during off-season, which help reduce trip costs.

Look For Budget Vacation Rentals

Instead of spending a lot of money renting a huge home, you can opt for a single bedroom bungalow, a small cottage, or even a shared room.

You can also reduce expenses by booking a trip with friends and dividing the cost of lodging. Another way to save on home rentals is to avoid overspending on all the added amenities that are usually offered with vacation rentals to Napa Valley. Choose one or two that you really need, like a private chef or personal massages.

Budget Vacation Rentals

Research Cheap Wine Tastings

Wine tastings can end up costing you a pretty penny if you aren’t careful. Starting from $25, tastings can go up to hundreds of dollars for a single visit at some of the more upscale wineries.

Do your research before your trip and find out the best wine tastings that are affordable and don’t compromise on quality. You can check out reviews on Yelp to find the best options for affordable wine tasting spots in Napa Valley.

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