5 Tips For Choosing a Vacation Rental Home

Welcome to travel season! We know that choosing a vacation rental can sometimes be very difficult, going from zero to making you pull your hair out in frustration in just a few short minutes of planning. This is especially true if it’s your first one, or if it’s your first time planning a specific type of vacation; for example, a wine country vacation.

So don’t stress! A lot of us have been in your place, and we speak from experience when we say that it will all turn out fantastic.

Now, let’s talk about the interesting bit.

One of the most important parts of organizing a vacation with friends, family, or even one to spend some quality romantic time with your partner, is choosing a vacation rental. There are just so many options!

And even when you know exactly what you want, the overwhelming number of aesthetically satisfying vacation houses that pop up on the screen when you set out to do your research start making you question your entire planning and budgeting process.

Needless to say, this is one of the most time-consuming steps in the entire process. Putting a finger on one can take you ages—if someone doesn’t help you out, that is.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to be attempting in this blog. So take a deep breath, and let’s get started.

Go Over ALL The Photos Available

Conventional wisdom states that the more you look, the more indecisive you’ll get—which makes sense. Because looking at all these stunning photos of gorgeous vacation homes is just going to make you want to book ALL of them.

Can I do a vacation home a day for the vacay? No you can’t, unlessroom

But here’s the good part; looking at all the pictures of your options gives you a more realistic sense of the pros and cons of each.

Maybe the place looked bigger from the outside but didn’t appear to be as spacious in the interior pictures?

Or maybe the place you were ready to give your heart away to turned out to be missing a swimming pool. It’s also possible to go head over heels for a vacation rentals interior design, only to have your heart sink to your knees when you realize that the pictures show that there’s no fireplace.

Other questions you might want to ask yourself while browsing rentals may include:

  • Are there enough beds/bedrooms?
  • Are the beds big enough?
  • Do the floors and carpets look clean and hygienic?
  • Does the bedding look clean?

You get the picture, right?

There are always two sides to the same coin, and looking at all the pictures makes choosing a vacation rental easier.

A pro tip when browsing pictures is to keep an open mind during the process and not judge a book by its covers.

Know How Much Space You’re Getting

Okay, so a rule of thumb about space: square footage never tells the full story. Here are some pointers:

Ceilings make a world of difference. High ceilings make a room look and feel larger, giving you more space to breathe; low ceilings do the exact opposite, making a space look small and stuffy.

A lot of furniture makes a space look small, even if it is on the relatively spacious side, so it’s a good idea to look for balance so people don’t feel cramped.

Another factor to look out for is outdoor space (if that’s important to you). If it is, double-check the facts and find out whether it’s private or shared, look up pictures to see if it is completely fenced off (this may be important for pet parents or people with toddlers).

It also might be helpful to know beforehand if the patio comes with things like chairs, dining space, a grill, or a hot tub, so if anything like a BBQ is on your list of things to do on the trip, you can consider the rental accordingly.

pool side

Check If The Rental You’re Leaning Toward Is Well-Stocked

Shall we say it, or do you want to do the honors? No one wants to pack their entire house when they go on a trip.

That’s why choosing a vacation rental is such a great idea; they’re usually fully stocked with all of your daily household needs.

That being said, once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible temporary homes, it’s a good idea to call up the company and check what will be waiting for you at the place.

In addition to the bare necessities of life, like extra rolls of toilet paper, bath and kitchen towels, extra pillows and beddings, it’s always good to know if the rental comes with a fully stocked kitchen, complete with plates, utensils, cooking pots, working stoves, an oven, cups and serving trays. Other items to look for include small appliances like a coffee maker, microwave and a toaster.

Luxury vacation rentals make sure to add an entertainment element too, featuring family-friendly activities like board games, books, magazine collections, and sometimes, even a foosball table.

At our luxury rentals at The Wine Stay, we make sure to treat your friends and family as our own, and have stocked up our rentals with all kinds of necessities and leisure activities, both indoors and outdoors.

In case you have toddlers, or need any special requirements, our guests are welcome to call ahead and have us stock their home as per their needs.

Make Sure There Are Fun Things To Do Nearby

What’s a vacation without fun activities?

It’s so important to find a place that has a lot of fun things to do with your friends and family to make sure you have a good time and make some awesome memories.

This helps you cut down on extra travel time by a great deal, and lets you and your group or partner enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

Luxury vacation rental companies offer benefits and leisure activities that you don’t get at hotels, without paying extra. The Wine Stay features private pools, guided biking tours, hot air balloon rides, private and professional massages, and more.

Customer Service

Finally, one important aspect is the company you rent from rather than the house itself. The customer service you receive before booking illustrates the quality of your rental and people you are dealing with.

At The Wine Stay’s luxury vacation rentals wine country, we make sure to cater to our guests to the best of our abilities. Our guests and potential guests are free to contact us anytime for more details and further information.

When you’re finally choosing a vacation rental, make sure to keep these tips in mind. We’re invested in you having the time of your life and experiencing everything Wine Country has to offer.

It’s a beautiful place that’s perfect for catching a break and our homes recreate that ambiance for you.

Get in touch with us to know more, or learn about available options online.