6 Benefits of Taking a Yoga Class While on Vacation

Flight tickets? Check!

Vacation rental? Booked.

Adventure Guide? Hired!

While you may have covered all the bases for your blissful vacation to Wine Country, there’s something most of us tend to forget. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in travel stress and anxiety. From worrying about booking the right rental to constantly rummaging through websites in search of affordable flight tickets, the thought of vacation itself sends us into panic mode.

While we may succeed in securing cheap tickets and booking a fully-equipped vacation home, the consequent after-stress consumes us for days. Whether we’re anxious about hitting every spot on our vacation list or worrying about preventing toddler tantrums on a family trip, stress has become a commonplace phenomenon that affects the large majority of vacationers.

To combat the mental, emotional, and physical blockages induced by traveling to a foreign location away from home, tourists have been increasingly turning to travel yoga. From engaging in the healing Lotus position to indulging in Savasana for relaxation, vacationers are ultimately able to have a blissful vacation that leaves fond memories in the years to come.

We’ve rounded up eight benefits of taking a yoga class while on vacation to help you tweak your planning for a stress-free trip!

1. Healing Your Mind and Emotions

One of the biggest benefits of indulging in yoga during a long vacation is healing the mind, body, and emotions. It’s very likely that you’ll feel burned out from all the planning and stress undertaken prior to leaving for vacation. Ultimately, this stress will also carry forward into your vacation.

If you planned a trip to get away from everyday stressors or a traumatic experience, it’s even more likely that your mind and emotions will be in a state of disarray upon arrival.

Not only will yoga help carefully undo the knots, but it will also reinstate your perspective, thereby removing any cloudiness that was preventing you from feeling your best.

We recommend opting for personal yoga instruction if you’re booking a vacation as a way of healing from trauma or overwhelming work/family stress. If you’re simply looking for a fun vacation, indulge in group yoga instruction to ensure travel stress is nipped in the bud!

Not only will your vacation run smoother, but you’ll also return with a healthy and balanced mental and emotional state.

2. Promoting Bodily Relaxation and Ease

Prioritizing bodily agility and wellness is a must on vacation.

If you’re heading to Wine Country, you’re in for quite a treat that’ll require not only mental and emotional focus, but also necessitate physical health. From indulging in an adventurous bike tour to heading to the glittering Russian River for kayaking, you’ll ultimately engage in thrilling activities that require energy and flexibility.

By refreshing your mind, emotions, and body, a yoga class will ensure you’re equipped for the festivities planned ahead!

The practice is also popular for enhancing muscle strength and boosting metabolism, thereby helping you feel energetic and ready to embark on the thrilling adventure that awaits you.

To make the most of the mental, emotional, and physical bliss and serenity induced by yoga, we recommend trying the following poses:

Yoga action exercise healthy in the park

  • The Child Pose:This detoxifying resting position enhances mental clarity and relieves physical stiffness arising from jetlag.


  • Sukhasana: As one of the most popular yoga poses, Sukhasana calms the body by lowering anxiety levels. We recommend ensuring your spine is straightened so your body can release stressful toxins from your body, thereby helping you feel relaxed. Sukhasana is also ideal for women starting their menstrual cycle on vacation. By alleviating pain and healing the mind, Sukhasana reduces menstrual stress and fatigue so female tourists feel energetic and enlivened on vacation.


  • The Warrior I Pose: If you had an anxiety-ridden vacation planning experience, the Warrior I pose is a great way of eliminating hidden stressors from the body. By promoting relaxation and strengthening the muscles of the knees and feet, the Warrior I pose also increases vitality. Ultimately, you’ll feel a sense of ease and tranquility as your mind, emotions, and body are relieved of internal and external stress.

To benefit from these essential vacation yoga poses, we recommend discussing them with your guide so they can be implemented into the routine.

3. Soaking in the Rich Beauty and Serenity of Wine Country

What better way to connect with the scenic beauty of nature than by indulging in outdoor morning yoga? If you’re heading to Napa Valley or Sonoma, yoga will help you soak in the sounds, sights, and sweet scents Wine Country has to offer!

From hearing the sound of crisp water cascading down the rocks to soaking in the heavenly floral scents that nature has to offer, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding tranquility and beauty.

When you ultimately open your eyes after a peaceful session of combinative yoga and meditation, you’ll feel rejuvenated as you take in the refreshing sights.

4. Waving Goodbye to Post-Vacation Blues

Have you ever felt nostalgic and slightly bitter upon returning from a vacation? Commonly known as post-vacation blues, we’ve all dealt with our fair share of shedding a tear or two as we leave our tranquil haven and head back to our busy lives.

Whether you’re heading home from a serene weekend getaway in Calistoga or returning from a fun-packed adventure in the heart of thrills and excitement, Sonoma, it’s ultimately common to feel sad and frustrated upon return.

In some cases, post-vacation blues also end up causing post-travel depression (PTD), which can induce extreme stress, anxiety, and mental and emotional disarray.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed upon return, we recommend engaging in regular sessions of yoga during your trip. By exercising your mind and emotions, yoga will help establish long-term wellness that continues as you return from your trip.

Instead of feeling forlorn and regretful that your trip came to an end, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Yoga also helps stabilize feelings by inducing mindfulness, thereby helping tourists soak in each moment consistently. By forgoing the rush of excitement and taking each adventure and event in steadily, you’re less likely to feel burned out as the vacation rush fades.

Ultimately, your life will resume normally upon return with no setbacks or feelings of withdrawal.

5. Connecting With Locals and Building New Friendships

One of the most important benefits of indulging in yoga on vacation is getting a chance to connect with locals! Not only will you experience the rich and vibrant culture of Wine Country, but you’ll also establish new bonds with your yoga instructor and fellow participants.

As you benefit from their insight into the practice and get a glimpse of their experiences in the city, you’ll feel a greater sense of connection that enriches your overall vacation experience.

We recommend opting for group yoga instruction to develop new friendships that may continue for years to come!

6. Exercising Mindfulness and Gratitude

One of the most fulfilling feelings to emerge from engaging in yoga on vacation is gratitude. As you practice mindfulness and take in your surroundings in their entirety, you’ll feel immersed in the present instead of wandering into the realm of past regrets and future fears.

Ultimately, you’ll feel overwhelmingly grateful for your life, blessings, and peace of mind.

Yoga is also a great way of helping tourists develop an uncluttered mental and emotional state. By freeing your mind and emotions of stress and negative thoughts, the practice will help you feel your best and radiate positivity that keeps you motivated in the long run!

Whether you take 10 minutes out for a session of yoga each day or indulge in an hour-long guided class, you’ll feel inspired and relaxed.

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