6 Insider Tips on Vacation Rentals in Wine Country

Wine Country is a region in Napa Valley, CA, that’s home to some gorgeous vineyards, views and some incredible food. It’s a popular vacation spot for people with a flair for the finer things in life—and for those looking to escape to paradise on earth. The Golden State is also referred to as the Grape State, and rightly so. There are endless stretches of green, sunny, warm skies and more wine than the heart could desire. There’s no better place than here for a getaway with the girls, or just some family fun! Here’s 6 Insider Tips on Vacation Rentals in Wine Country.

What’s special about Wine Country?

Not quite sold on the thought of gorgeous views, warm skies, food and wine? Well, Napa Valley has a lot to offer to those who venture here.

Some of the biggest reasons to visit this lush little slice of heaven are:

The gorgeous views

There’s so much to see and take in while you’re here. It’s amazing to escape that city life, surrounded by concrete and traffic, crowds of people and pollution. It’s a lot greener out there, with a quieter, calmer, more rustic air that is such a welcome change. If you’re looking for a short getaway over the weekend, there’s nothing better than a change in scenery to bring you back to life.

gorgeous views of Wine Country

The wine tasting

This is, of course, a big one. Why visit Wine Country if not to taste wine, right? You get to try dozens, if not hundreds of varieties across various locations. In fact, we have an in-house sommelier, who will help you customize and plan the perfect wine tasting tour for you!

The incredible food

The charm of any place lies in the food it offers. Sure, you could grab a meal at any fast-food joint you choose, but when you visit wine country and stay with us, you can expect to enjoy incredible cuisines, both local and requested by you. There’s so much that your palate is craving; get ready for gastronomic delights you can only imagine!

The quaint towns and neighborhoods

A vacation is meant to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Unless you’re actively seeking to be in a big city, surrounded by adventure and noise, it’s good to catch a break sometimes. Wine Country will give you just that with its beautiful views, homes and vineyards where you can soak up the sun, sipping wine for hours without a care in the world! The homes we offer are gorgeous little worlds in themselves that promise a taste of luxury.

The vineyards themselves

These fields of green are not just stunning to look at, with neat rows stretching on for miles, gorgeous trees lending shade to visitors, chairs where you can relax and let loose, they’re also where you can try delicious wine and food.

Vineyards of Wine Country

In fact, you don’t need to be tasting wine at all, just exploring these fields for what they are is pretty exciting. Go out for a walk, take your kids and dog along for a stroll through the lush green, enjoying the weather and the sun of the valley. You’ll never be bored!

A budget-friendly vacation spot 

This is another big one. Most people would love to leave everything behind and jet off to some exotic location in the middle of the Bahamas or the Maldives, but sadly not everyone can a) afford that, b) get time off from work, and c) take along the people they want.

However, Wine Country is the perfect vacation destination since you can head over even for a weekend or a couple of days. It’s pretty affordable, especially when compared to other places abroad, which means you and your friends and family can easily save up and visit.

The entertainment and activities

Apart from wine tasting and food, there are plenty of other activities you can enjoy while you visit Wine Country. A lot of them are family-friendly, which means the kids will also get their fair share of fun while you and your friends are out tasting wine. Parades, concerts, community activities and so much more take place here all the time! Check out the local events and happenings here.

Vacation Rentals in Wine Country—A Guide

Getting yourself luxury vacation rentals Napa California is the ultimate way to explore Wine Country. Following our insider tips on vacation rentals gives you no better option. These homes offer so much to those who stay here, you’ll fall in love with this place!

1. Timing is everything

When you’re visiting Napa Valley, a great idea is to visit in the fall or winter months. You’re likely to find more options when it comes to your vacation rentals, fewer crowds and fellow travelers to deal with as well. Off-season also means the local rates are lower and you’re free to explore more without constantly bumping into crowds.

You can always check which of our rental homes is available during your trip dates and pick the one that suits your needs the best or consult with us to know more!

2. Location matters a Lot—Explore your options

Make no mistake about the vastness of Wine Country—it might be a small region, but there’s a lot to see and do here. Across the region, you have several smaller localities and each of them offers a unique mix of foods, wines, activities and entertainment. Anywhere you stay, will be a dream, but it’s best to find a place that’s in reach of your itinerary.

Wine Country location matters

We offer vacation homes in Calistoga, Healdsburg and Sonoma too. It’s a beautiful region through and through, but you can always choose one based on preference.

3. Ask about local grocery stores, entertainment and necessities

Another one of our insider tips on vacation rentals is to find local grocery stores and other necessities that are in the area. A lot of places are rated on the basis of their accessibility to stores and hospitals, as well as parks and other community spaces. Being cut off from crowds and civilization is refreshing but you do need eggs and milk—especially since you have a kitchen!

4. Narrow down on amenities and add-ons

Don’t just jump at the first vacation rental you see. It’s meant to be a fun experience for you and your friends or family, so there’s no point in skipping out on amenities that you can avail. We have homes with pools, entertainment systems and so much more! Check out what’s available to you, whether it’s a hot tub or home theater, or a game room or even a pool.

Wine Country Amenities

In fact, you can also get a great deal on a lot of these places. What’s better than having a private pool where you and your friends can lounge around, undisturbed, uninterrupted?

5. Customize your experience to your interests

This is something that should factor in when you’re choosing your rental home. Apart from the location and features of the region, something you need to factor in are the activities within your reach.

If you’re into biking, you can check for information about cycling groups and tours that take place in a certain part of town. Would you like to indulge in retail therapy during your trip? Look for a place that’s closer to shopping districts and malls.

If you’re traveling with kids, you can find a place that’s close to parks, amusement parks, zoos and museums so you can keep them busy too. This way, it just makes it easier to get to the places you want and enjoy activities that you’re interested in.

6. Ask your agent to help plan tours and other activities

Speaking of activities, a lot of people don’t realize that their agents can help them schedule and plan their trip itinerary as well. We take pride in being the only home rental agent that offers an in-house sommelier who will help you narrow down the best wineries to tour, or even organizing a private wine tasting in your home! With their expertise, you can figure out what suits your needs the best, helping you decide on things to do during your stay.

Wine Tasting Tours

Apart from wine tasting, you can also ask information regarding other tours, concerts, festivals and public events going on, and how to book popular tourist activities like hot-air balloon tours. These balloon tours are a definite recommendation; you enjoy the breathtaking views, floating over vineyards, enjoying the sun as it sets over the horizon. Truly a magical sight to behold!


When you’re booking vacation rentals in Healdsburg, CA, remember these insider tips on vacation rentals. We’re just as invested in you having the time of your life and experiencing everything Wine Country has to offer. It’s a beautiful place that’s perfect for catching a break and our homes are meant to recreate that ambiance for you. Get in touch with us to know more or learn about the available options online.