9 Reasons to Book a Vacation Rental Home

Vacations are always exciting to plan; they’re what you to look forward to after months and even years of working hard day in, day out. You think about where you’ll go, all the places you’ll see, food and drinks you’ll savor, the clothes you’ll wear and the people you’ll meet—who knows, maybe you’ll even meet your soulmate. Whether you’re going abroad or traveling somewhere close by; if you’re going alone, with a partner, or friends and family, one of the biggest concerns is where you’ll stay. Book a vacation rental home for ample space and privacy, to meet your budget, and for better amenities.

What’s the best place to stay on vacation?

Deciding where to stay depends on a variety of factors. Everything about your plan—or lack thereof—must be factored in for you to make the best decision.

Consider the following when you’re choosing a place to stay:

What your budget is 

Your budget can greatly determine where you’ll stay during your vacation. If you’ve decided to go all-out spending on plane tickets, or you want to focus on shopping during your trip, your budget will have to be adjusted accordingly. Most people don’t even realize the true cost of a short vacation. Here’s a brief overview.

How long you’re going for

If you’re going for a couple of days, your accommodation can pretty much be anywhere. However, if you plan to stretch it out and really unwind, you need a place that reflects what you’re hoping for.

How long you’ll stay in one place

This is different from the above, because it considers how long you’ll stick around in one place for the entirety of your trip. How much time you spend in one town or city will have an effect on what your choice of accommodation is, because you can easily crash at a motel too if you’re only passing through a place.

How many people you are

If you’re traveling solo or with a partner, a small room is more than enough. However, for friend and/or family trips, the best choice is a vacation rental. They’re a lot more cost-effective and offer privacy and comfort too.

How Many People in Your Vacation Home

How much space, freedom and privacy you require

Speaking of space, when you’re traveling in a group or with a couple of other friends, space is incredibly important to have. If you can’t find space in the place you’re living, you’ll lose your mind because you’re constantly surrounded by the same people on vacation.

Privacy and freedom to move around, come and go as you please are all worth thinking about as well. A lot of accommodation options are not as flexible as you’d like for them to be; if these are things you can’t compromise on, choose carefully.

What amenities you need

For some people, having a pool is something that’s necessary in an accommodation; for others, it’s having someone to do your laundry. You need to know what things you can’t give up on, no matter what, and what things you’re willing to be more flexible about. Move forward from there.

What are things you cannot compromise on

Say, you’d be upset if your accommodation didn’t offer free breakfast, but they have a strict no-pets policy. You can give up on that added meal, but you cannot, in any situation, kick your fur-baby out on a trip that’s meant to be for the family!

How far you’ll be from the main sites you wish to visit

Hotels and vacation accommodations tend to be located in close vicinity to major tourist attractions, for the strategic advantage and value. However, a lot of the time, they’re also located near airports and train stations for ease. Figure out what your commute will look like and what options work for you that way.

Why Hotels and Motels Aren’t the Best Options Anymore

Earlier, while traveling, people preferred to stay in motels and hotels, or smaller inns and bed and breakfasts. However, these places cost a lot more than they offer, which gained them a bad reputation.

Most hotels have a limit on the number of guests per room, which means if you’re in a bigger group, you’ll need multiple rooms. The value for money usually isn’t worth it, unless you have tons of cash to spare, or a major event or meeting near the place you’re staying.

Vacation Rentals—The Ideal Alternative

With the need for more viable options for accommodation, vacation rentals have become immensely popular. We’ve been in business for several years, offering some of the most affordable vacation homes in Healdsburg CA.

Vacation rentals are popular with tourists and even locals looking for a staycation. If you’ve never booked one, or it’s never really crossed your mind, you might want to rethink it! Some of the biggest advantages of a vacation rental are:

1. The Ample Space You Get

There’s no such thing as too much space. Hotel and motel rooms tend to be super cramped and crowded, unless you’re booking a suite or VIP room. The tight space is awful when you’re on vacation and everyone seems to be in your face constantly.

Apart from that you have more space to yourself, you can store your belongings and enjoy each others’ company without cramping into small rooms. There’s space to move around and hang out in. When you book a vacation rental home, it offers more than just a single room.

Privacy in your Vacation Home

2. Privacy is the Biggest Plus Point

Space is great but what makes an even bigger difference is privacy. Lounge around wherever you want, wearing whatever you want, doing whatever you want. In hotels, you’re constantly met with strangers and random people, not to mention the managerial and administrative staff. In a rental home, it’s just you and your gang and on occasion, cleaning crews and manager who’ll check up on you.

They’re perfect for group plans or romantic getaways with your couple B.F.F.s or even for family vacations where you want to remain comfortable.

3. Value for Money and Incredible Savings

While hotels can cost hundreds of dollars a night, book a vacation rental home to divide costs among several people more economically. Many vacation rentals can host ten or more people, so they’re ideal for group vacations or traveling with friends, kids, elderly folk and even pets.

You get tons more space for a fraction of the price, and for longer periods—it’s a lot easier on the pocket. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on hotel rooms, you’re spending on one spacious, comfortable space that offers more perks too.

4. A Kitchen and Space for Laundry 

Given that even luxury vacation rentals are homes, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms are an obvious part of them. You can cook however you want, store snacks, meals and save up tons on eating out or off room service. A lot of people don’t want to cook on their time off, which is fair. But when you’re traveling as a family, spending $30 or more a day per person can throw your budget off very quickly.

5. Amenities Often Included

A lot of owners and businesses that offer vacation rentals to travelers and tourists invest in their property, developing it to offer amenities such as swimming pools and hot tubs, for instance.

Vacation Rental Home is perfect for a longer stayHome theaters, game rooms and other types of entertainment are part and parcel of many rentals, sometimes with added costs, and other times without. You can always specify the amenities you’re looking for when you book a vacation rental home.

6. Perfect for Longer Stays

There’s nothing better than having a place to settle into for a longer trip. If you’re visiting Wine Country, for instance, our luxury rentals are perfect for you.

Take your time and explore the area, the wine tastings and tours, visit parks, events, mingle and have a great time for however long you wish to stay.

You can book your space according to the dates you want, instead of having to pay per night.

7. Less Hassle of Packing and Unpacking

Packing is often a nightmare for many people, which is why when you choose to live in a rental home during your trip, you don’t need to worry about it for a while.

Use the closet spaces, bedrooms and other storage to unpack, with no concerns about your things going missing or getting lost.

8. Special Needs Friendly

This is a major plus for special needs families. You can get the privacy and comfort that any home would offer, while tackling issues of accessibility. A lot of special needs kids and adults need more space, avoiding crowds and loud noises, which are seldom a problem in these homes.

9. Authenticity and Locations

Apart from the pure joy of having a home away from home, the authenticity that many vacation homes offer is incomparable. Located in the heart of your destination, or within close vicinity to tourist attractions and centers, these houses can be very true to local architecture too.

There’s a charm to living in a new home, one that’s built differently from yours! With our vacation homes, you also get to experience the ambiance and vibe of wine country in general. Experiences like hot air balloon rides, wine tasting and amazing cuisine are all things people try out here!


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