9 Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is Good For You

We all love watching adventure movies where our favorite heroes climb up dangerous mountains, hike through some of the most beautiful valleys, and set up camps in places with spectacular views.

But would we dare to go on that kind of adventure ourselves?

If you said unlikely, you may want to reconsider.

Apart from being thrilling and super fun, there are a huge number of benefits to adventure travel that are often overlooked.

In the following piece, nine of them are explained.

It Gives Your Brain The Space It Needs to Refresh And Reboot

Ever had those times when you felt like your brain just stopped working?

Notice how it usually happens when you’ve been doing the same thing for an extended period of time? People who work full-time jobs, run businesses, or are full-time students are very familiar with this feeling. This is also the reason why taking short breaks every once in a while is recommended.

However, the phenomenon is not limited to just work. It can happen to people who have been following the same routine for a long time too, free-time included, because life becomes mundane, predictable, and even a little ‘boring’.

Even though adventure travel doesn’t remedy routine ‘boredom,’ it can give your brain a change of scenery, an opportunity to get out of a rut, and experience excitement, uncertainty, thrill, and happiness.

This helps the brain reboot, refresh, and regain focus.

Adventure Travel Is A Short Journey of Self Discovery

Recall the last time you discovered something new about yourself. When was it? Try to think of what triggered the realization and what you were doing when it happened.

We’re sure you were doing something new and interesting, and perhaps even a little scary.

This happens because when you step outside your comfort zone and accomplish things that made you uncomfortable, you realize how much you were underestimating yourself.

But that’s not all; adventure travel makes you realize something much deeper that you’ve been doing—keeping yourself from actualizing the greatest opportunities you have in life because you thought you weren’t good enough.

It teaches you that you fabricated lies to protect yourself, and it also teaches you to stop listening to your brain when you’re about to do something uncomfortable enough to be life-changing.


It Can Give You A New Perspective On Things

Something spectacular happens when you put yourself out there and open yourself up to new possibilities and ideas—you discover things you didn’t know existed. These ‘things’ could be people, experiences, activities, and even perspectives.

Taking part in an experience that is unusual, exciting, and daring gives you the perfect excuse to look at the world through a different lens—a lens inspired by your newfound self-reliance, trust, and accomplishment.

It also gets you in touch with many likeminded people, all of whom have different stories and lessons to share, making the entire event a wholesome learning experience for you.

Physical Activity and Fresh Air Improves Health

Constant stress and low oxygen levels can, over time, increase the acidity levels of our bodies, which puts us at higher risk of getting sick, gaining weight, impairing our immune system, and other health issues.

During adventure travel, there is usually fresh air and some amount of rigorous physical activity involved. This, especially if it’s mountain air, has an alkaline effect on the body, reversing the acidity and improving our overall health.

It Can Bring About A Sense Of Accomplishment

We all want to become everything we ever dreamed of becoming. But often, we’re too afraid to take the first step because we feel like it’s all going to blow up in our faces.

This is why when you manage to make it through something tough, it’s like a personal level-up.

When you accomplish something that used to make you a little dizzy, when you overcome a fear you never thought you’d overcome, when you finally take that leap you thought you weren’t capable of—it’s special, the life-changing kind of special.

Outdoing yourself brings about a sense of accomplishment that is unparalleled and can make a world of difference on your self-esteem and confidence. It can even change the way you view yourself.


You Meet Plenty Of Like-Minded People On Adventure Travel

Ever feel like you don’t have any friends to turn to in times of need, that your existing friends are too busy with their own lives, that they don’t understand you?

Adventure travel brings together like-minded people who you come to rely on and trust because of the nature of your journey.

This helps you connect on a deeper, more emotional level and these connections can sometimes even turn out to be life-long friendships.

Another advantage of adventure travel is networking. When a group of like-minded people come together, great opportunities to network and grow on the go tag along.

It Gives You Something To Look Back At

Good memories help us keep the spark alive during tough times. Having joyful times to look back to acts as a tiny consolation when you’re experiencing a rough patch.

They also help us reflect and learn from the past—our experiences and our mistakes. These memories act as teachers, helping us look at our lives in retrospect and identify the things we need to work on, the changes required, the good we experienced in other people, and take that information to help us grow and develop into better individuals.

It Can Improve Brain Functions

Buried deep in the center of the human brain are two thumb-sized structures that are largely responsible for our ability to remember information and learn new things. These structures collectively comprise the hippocampus—meaning ‘seahorse’ in Greek due to its shape.

For the longest time it was believed that there was a limit to the number of neurons the hippocampus could generate each day. But recent research suggests that physical activity such as hiking, biking, and boating rowing can increase the number of hippocampal neurons produced each day, significantly improving our ability to learn and remember.

It Helps You Cope With Uncertainty

For most of us, the fear of the unknown and uncertainty is deeply unsettling.

Anytime we find ourselves in situations that aren’t going the way we’d be comfortable with, our fear levels begin to rise. The ideal way to counter that feeling, adventure travel is full of various opportunities that will put us in situations where we’re forced to overcome our fears.

This also prepares us to deal with similar situations later on in life.

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