Arizona to Cali—The Road Trip of a Lifetime

Road trips are one of the most incredible, life-changing experiences one could have. They’re a test of your patience, an opportunity for adventure and a journey will leave you feeling all sorts of things. Start planning the route from Arizona to Cali – it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re in the state of Arizona, one of the most incredible journeys you can make is heading to California by road. It’s nearly a 13-hour drive, making it easily manageable for a quick escape.

Reasons road trips are good for you

Road trips are an escape from the same, old routine and boring ways of traveling. When you go by train or plane, you miss out on so much.

Here’s why it’s much better to go on a road trip instead of taking a flight.

1) It’s more cost-effective

If you’re a larger group, it’s way cheaper to pay for fuel and save up on airfare. Instead, you can use that money for other things like accommodation, food and shopping. Save up and have the time of your life!

Arizona to Cali Road Trip with Friends

2) It’s a lot more fun

Speaking of a good time, driving down the highway, wind in your hair, jamming to your favorite tunes, making memories with the people you love—what could be better? Pack your favorite snacks, make a killer playlist and go all-out.

3) You can spend time with your loved ones

You get more time around the people you love, traveling and exploring together. It’s a great chance to make up for lost time—talk to your kids, play games, listen to music, or anything else that brings you closer. No work to worry about, no school in the morning, no obligations—just you and your loved ones and the open road.

Arizona to Cali Road Trip with Family

4) You see and do more

This is a big one. A unique advantage of going on a road trip is the ability to take stops and sightsee. When you drive out from Phoenix, AZ down to Wine Country, CA, you have dozens of important landmarks, towns and views that you can enjoy. From the changing landscapes to the tourist destinations, there’s so much to take in and appreciate. Stop at the restaurants and diners along the way and enjoy some incredible meals—you won’t regret it.

Arizona to Cali Road Trip of a Lifetime

5) The timeline is flexible

This is perhaps the best thing about road trips. You can take your time and stretch things out—from spending a weekend away to weeks at a time, the flexibility is all yours to enjoy.

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