Bad Holiday Breakup? Treat Yourself and Rediscover Your Worth

Okay, it happened. We don’t need to know much to be able to guess that he probably had weak facial hair game, emotional intelligence equivalent to a fetus and about 3% personal hygiene ethics.

Before we go any further, let us get one thing out of the way: You’re better off without him.

Oh, and if he isn’t blocked already, we suggest you go ahead and hit that button stat.

There. That feels better, doesn’t it? Now that you’ve taken care of the basics, it’s time to move on and rediscover the celestial goddess in you that he tried so hard to suppress. It’s time for you to heal, grow and step into the world as a new woman who knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less than what she truly deserves.

Read on for three ways you can treat yourself this year and move on to bigger and better things.

1. Girls Night Out, Baby!

It’s time to celebrate. Pull out those heels, put your favorite LBD on, let your locks loose and get your glam on.

You’re going out.

The best way to move on from a nasty breakup is having your girls rally around you and show you a fun night. While self-reflection and healing are important, the initial stages of a breakup need to be filled with distraction and wholesome girl support, so you feel loved and appreciated.

A night out also adds just the right amount of distraction and high energy that will serve as a temporary band-aid while the wound is still fresh and delicate.

2. Plan That Solo Trip and Get Your Zen Back

Now that you feel immersed in wholesome female energy, it’s time to thank your support system and head out for some me time, self-reflection and much-needed healing.

Your girls helped numb the pain when you were at your most vulnerable but now it’s time for you to rediscover self-love.

Give all the love that you’ve given so selflessly to men in the past to yourself.

Book a stunning luxury vacation rental and give yourself some much-needed physical and emotional TLC. Treat yourself to fine dining, affordable wine tours, massages and yoga for the ultimate relaxation.

We recommend you use the time on your vacation to think about your worth and essence so you can process what happened and gain emotional and mental peace.

Practice gratitude and let your vacation be the ideal safe haven that relaxes and soothes your soul and mind. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, self-aware and renewed.

3. Journal It Out

Once you return, it’s possible for the empowered mindset to wear off with time.

Journaling is one way to retain the healthy emotional habits you picked up on during your vacation.

If you don’t have time to pull out a notebook and pen each time, you can add a contemporary touch to journaling by writing notes on your phone.

Let this be a means of communication with yourself through which you exercise self-love and self-worth, practice gratitude and keep the growth and healing intact. Re-visit your journal or phone entries each time you’re struggling so you can steal a glimpse of motivation from the past and use it to feel re-inspired and self-assured.

Learn more about the different options available for your post-breakup holiday and how you can truly relax on your vacation by checking in at The Wine Stay.

With hassle-free booking and premium services, you’ll be able to tune the rest of the world out and focus on yourself.