Benefits of Hiking for Your Body, Mind and Soul

Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can participate in. Not only is it physically challenging, but it also allows you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Anyone can go for a run on the treadmill, but who’s going for a hike through nature is a different ballgame.

It’s the perfect activity for any vacation as well. You get a great workout out of it as well as a chance to explore everything a place has to offer.

Take a hike, buddy—no, really, take a hike. You won’t regret it!

Not thrilled at the prospect of spending your downtime walking through forests and vineyards for hours a day? Or hate the idea of hiking on a regular basis when it’s so much easier to lounge around eating potato chips and cracking open a beer?

Well, the benefits of a good hike are innumerable. Take, for instance:

It’s great exercise and offers huge fitness benefits 

Walking is one of the most gentle, convenient and easy forms of exercise you can engage in. Hiking is a little tougher than walking, since you’re dealing with varied terrains and landscapes, but it’s one of the most incredible forms of cardio you can do.

Your entire body is worked out through a single hike, as you’re making use of all your limbs, your senses and building strength.

A healthier heart

As a result of the increased cardiovascular activity, your heart is bound to get healthier and stronger. A good hike will leave you feeling elated and excited, with an increase in your heart rate. So, get out there and get in some fresh air—your heart will thank you!

A clearer mind

Studies show that walking and running are linked to improved mental health and reduced stress and anxiety. You’re getting in a ton of fresh air, exercise and focused with a clear goal. You can channel any and every frustration into the exercise and double the benefits for your body and mind.

self care

Weight loss  

Through regular hiking, you’ll see a massive change in your body. Not only will you have the most incredible legs, chiseled and toned to perfection, but you’ll be using your core and develop abs in the process. It’s a workout that’s both, fun and effective!

Reduced joint pain

Enjoy stronger bones and joints as a result of hiking. Sure, you’re likely to be kind of sore, especially if you’re new to it and participating for the sake of it. But over time, hiking is linked to alleviated joint pain.


And with views like this around, who wouldn’t want to explore more?

Improved memory and mental health

Aerobic exercise can help enhance the functions of the hippocampus and thus improve memory and other cognitive functions. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, for instance, hiking on the regular can boost your mental health significantly.

Connects you with nature

For those looking for an escape, there’s nothing better than a guided hike during your vacation to get away from the city and the noise and be one with nature. When you stay at one of our vacation homes near Healdsburg, we’ll help you find the perfect hike for your trip.


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