Best Restaurants in Napa Valley for San Diego Tourists

Napa Valley is one of the leading wine producers in the world, and where there’s wine, there’s great food. If you’re a food lover from San Diego, Napa Valley is a foodie’s paradise, with dozens of eateries and food options that’ll tickle your taste buds. Here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in Napa Valley. This is in addition to all the amazing and affordable wine tours from San Diego to Napa Valley!


Rental for Napa Valley foodies

As a business in the tourism industry, offering vacation rentals in Calistoga and other cities, we’re familiar with many of the major and obscure food spots across the valley. Some of our top recommendations are:

For breakfast

Café Safornia

A traditional diner, this is the best place to kick off a day full of activities. Whether you’re going hiking or for wine tastings, it’s important to fuel yourself. Known for their flour of corn tortillas, egg varieties, pancakes, chicken steaks and more, the breakfast here is truly to die for!

Cafe Safornia Napa

Calistoga Roastery

Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of rich, freshly-roasted coffee in the morning? The Calistoga Roastery is one of the best breakfast spots in the region because of its freshly-roasted and brewed coffee beans, serving classic, wholesome breakfast foods without any pomp!

Bella Bakery and Café

For a lighter breakfast for a casual day of strolling and exploring town, you can always drop in for a grab-‘n’-go kind of food. Scones, baked goods and of course, coffee are their specialty so don’t miss out!

For lunch


Love surprises? That’s exactly what you’ll get here! The menu is changed frequently, leaving you with the option to try new foods at every visit! We’d recommend this as a great dinner and lunch spot if you have a hard time deciding.

Gott’s Roadside/St. Helena

Relax outdoors, take in the sights and sounds and views of the town square, nature and the cool breeze as you chow down on some of the most incredible burgers you’ll ever have. San Diego locals know how easy it is to miss hills when you’re away—but Calistoga offers amazing views!

Copia for Napa Valley lunch

For dinner


Why venture to the countryside if you’re not going to try some farm-to-table, fresh food? You get value for money, great food and a feel-good atmosphere at Torc. Enjoy wine, some blues and rock ‘n’ roll, or soul with your favorite culinary items before retiring for the night.


If you’re in the mood for a fancier, but not uptight dining experience, Solbar is another great choice. Enjoy vegan options, kid-friendly menus and some delicious foods by the pool. It’s a lovely place to enjoy seasonal foods, in particular, which tend to be their specialty.

That’s our list of the best restaurants in Napa Valley. Got your tummy rumbling? Get in touch with us to book your stay at our vacation homes and head out to eat right away!