For the first morning in a very long time, you wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside your window, instead of a blaring alarm clock.

A gentle breeze wafts in, carrying in the scent of freshly mown grass. You hear the friendly sounds of pots and pans from the kitchen below at your chosen vacation home, heralding you to a home-cooked breakfast that is sure to have you reaching for seconds. A day of wine tours and relaxing beckons you.

This is not a dream scenario. This is what awaits you if you give yourself the chance to enjoy a luxury weekend vacation.

Give yourself the perfect gift

Truth is we don’t need month-long vacations to rejuvenate ourselves. All we have to do is find a place that indulges our senses, and offers calm and quiet, and we’ll feel refreshed in no time.

That’s where ideas such as vacation rentals in the luxurious Wine Country come to mind.

Taking the luxury weekend vacation

Vacation rentals are your best bet when it comes to taking weekend vacations. Far less expensive than your average hotel room, a vacation home lets you enjoy all the comfort of home — and more!

For example, let’s say you choose a vacation home in classic destinations like Napa Valley, Sonoma, or Healdsburg. At The Wine Stay we provide you with just the right Wine Country vacation home that suits your needs. Plus, we offer concierge services — driving, cooking, day trips, wine tasting — so you can have an extra special getaway, and won’t need to worry about a thing.

Wine and dine in the wine country

Of course, with a weekend vacation surrounded by vineyards and fabulous wine, you can expect an unforgettable wine tasting experience.

Visit a few boutique wineries — there are numerous wine tasting rooms dotting the countryside between Napa and Healdsburg, and beyond. You’ll easily be able to plan a full day touring the Wine Country, meeting winemakers, and tasting select vintages that you wouldn’t get to sample at your local wine store — the perfect touch to your already luxuriously comforting holiday.

Vacationing the weekend away

You’ve worked hard to live the life you have. Isn’t it time for a relaxing getaway? Let your life stand still for a moment and take a breather. Go to the Wine Country and rent a luxury vacation home to give yourself the relaxing mini-vacation you so richly deserve!

Luxury home rentals

Luxury vacation rentals experiences. We want your vacation experience to be more than a getaway. Enjoy from wine tasting tours to a personally tailored guided hike. Contact us for more information!

Earning a Michelin rating would make any chef or restaurant owner’s day — or year.  This reputable French guidebook company awards one, two or three stars each year to the most deserving restaurants around the world.

The prestigious award is reserved for those who have mastered quality, technique, and consistency. Although there are hundreds of fabulous restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, the 2017 Michelin ratings include only six three-star fine dining establishments in the Bay Area.

About the Michelin ratings

Unlike Zagat and Yelp, Michelin doesn’t rely on consumer reviews. Michelin employs its own full-time staff of anonymous restaurant reviewers. Reviewers write up detailed accounts of their meals and then compare opinions among themselves to determine who will be awarded a star.

Michelin ratings don’t take into consideration décor, ambiance or service. The focus remains exclusively on the food. What do the stars mean? Three stars mean fine dining worth going out of your way for — outstanding cuisine from top-grade ingredients. You’ll find an excellent dinner always carefully prepared at a two-star Michelin-rated restaurant. A one-star rating means a very good restaurant in its category. Regardless of how many stars a restaurant receives — one, two or three — getting the nod from Michelin is a very big deal.

Sonoma and Napa Michelin-starred restaurants

Sonoma County has more than its share of incredible places to eat, many emphasizing local, fresh and original food prepared to perfection. And this year, the Wine Country boasts two three-star kitchens: The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood. Although we didn’t get any two-star ratings, Sonoma and Napa counties together garnered eight single-star awards, including Terra in St. Helena, Terrapin Creek in Bodega Bay, Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant in Forestville, Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford and Bouchon in Yountville.

There are three additional single-star winners, each nearby one of our luxury vacation rentals. Next time you stay with us, be sure to make a reservation at one of these fabulous restaurants for a fine dining experience you won’t forget. Like most of the must-try Wine Country restaurants, you should make your plans early and lock in your reservation two to four weeks in advance. We’re happy to help with reservations. We offer many guest services to elevate your vacation experience. Enjoy!

3 Nearby Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Madrona Manor, Healdsburg
This Sonoma County fine dining experience presents exquisite cuisine in an elegant, old-world atmosphere. Their wine list draws from around the globe, while Chef Mallgren’s menus are always inspired by fresh, local products.

Solbar, Calistoga
This luxury Wine Country resort and spa also is known for its Michelin-starred restaurant. Chef Falsini serves up farm-fresh flavor and innovative dishes for a one-of-a-kind experience. The atmosphere radiates Napa California chic.

La Toque, Napa
Here you’ll enjoy stellar cuisine grounded in Chef Ken’s French tradition and an upscale California atmosphere. La Toque has also been recognized by Wine Spectator for its exceptional wine list.

Hands down, this is our favorite spot in town for atmosphere and knockout Italian food. It’s very small and intimate, yet the bistro atmosphere is lively and electric. It’s right downtown on the plaza and always packed, but the food and ambience transport you into your own private world. Try the Tomasso’s Suga Calebrese for an amazing taste experience. Truth is we’ve never had a bad dish here; it’s impossible to go wrong. The food is simple but perfectly prepared every time. The staff is fantastic as well! Be sure to make reservations at least a couple weeks in advance. And if you can, check out Winemaker Wednesdays where local winemakers not only bring their best bottles, they actually serve you. It’s great fun!
Check out the Zagat review:

This downtown eatery specializes in small plates inspired by what’s fresh on its three-acre organic garden located at Chalk Hill Winery. The stylish atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Everything on the menu comes a la carte. I ordered the steak on special that night, and when my plate arrived we were stunned to see a mere six bites of meat. But when Iwe took the first bite, it melted in our mouth. It was like nothing we’ve ever tasted before. Imagine smoky velvet — pure sensual delight! In a way, the small portion invited me to thoroughly enjoy each morsel. They have a terrific wine list and original cocktails too.
Check out the Zagat review:

Just off the square in downtown Healdsburg, Barndiva’s rustic décor and good vibe make for a perfect dinner for two. It’s a wine bar, cocktail lounge, art gallery and bistro all in one. If you can, get a table in the garden where the fountains and twinkling overhead lights create a charming atmosphere as evening settles. The food is out of this world. we strongly recommend the wine-pairing menu. The wines may have stood fine on their own, but it was the way they complemented the food that was so exquisite. The staff really knows their wine and food, so take their suggestions! The pours were generous, service excellent and the food fantastic.
Check out the Zagat review: