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3 Organic Wineries in Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Valley

Organic Wineries in Healdsburg
A little luck and a lot of art go into winemaking. Myriad factors affect the final product, from climate and weather conditions to pruning and cultivation of the vines. With so many variables, hats off to those organic wineries that eschew modern farming practices, which include pesticides and chemicals, for a back-to-basics approach to agriculture. Sonoma County’s biodynamic and organic wineries Not surprisingly, Sonoma County wineries are at the forefront …

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How to Plan a Family Vacation to Napa During COVID-19

Whether you’re planning to travel this fall or for the holiday season for your next family vacation to Napa, you’ve decided it’s past time for a change of scenery and are ready to book a vacation in the Napa Valley / Sonoma region. But now, you’re wondering what to expect and how to stay safe while you’re making the journey from home to the wine country. If that’s the case, …

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Wine Tourism 101—6 Reasons To Become A Wine Tourist

Wine Tourism 101—6 Reasons To Become A Wine Tourist
What do you think of when you hear the word wine? For a lot of people, wine is just a beverage they can’t celebrate a happy event without, because it makes them the perfect kind of ‘tipsy.’ But if we look deeper into its history—how it came into being and what it was used for, you’ll understand that it has a much deeper significance.

4 Tips for Wine Tasting in Sonoma

Visit Sonoma County for Wine Tasting
One of the many thrilling and exciting things to do in Sonoma when on vacation is to go wine tasting. It also happens to be the ideal place to visit this time of the year, especially for wine enthusiasts. Here are some interesting Sonoma Wine facts.

What To Expect On Your First Wine Tour

What To Expect On Your First Wine Tour
Traveling around the world to experience different activities and cuisines is both fun and exciting. There’s always so much to learn about and enjoy; you get to meet the locals, get a chance to look at the world from their perspective, try out their food and way of living, and expand your own knowledge and personality based on what you learned.

Want A Break From The Jacksonville Life? Fly Over To Napa Valley For a Wine Tour

Napa Valley Wine Tour Vacation Rental
You’ve already dined at high-end restaurants like Matthew’s and Wine Cellar in Jacksonville. But you’ve only had the pleasure of tasting Merlots and Pinot Noirs while you were there. You’ve also visited all the zoos and tiger ranches, as well as the parks and gardens that Jacksonville has to offer. But you’re hungry for something more. You want a break from Jacksonville, something that’ll stay with you.