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6 Reasons Why Wine is Great for Your Health

6 Reasons Why Wine is Great for Your Health
Tart, zesty, sweet, warm, delicious in every sense of the word, each gulp a burst of flavor in your mouth, leaving you unable to resist—the perfect glass of wine is a dream for enthusiasts.

4 Tips to Make a Family Vacation a Great Success

With Thanksgiving season and holiday season right around the corner, it’s a good time to start planning your family vacation. You can even plan a family reunion to a getaway where everyone can rejoice and take part in their favorite activities. Your top priority should be ultimate relaxation and plenty of quality time with limited distractions.

Take Your Holiday Celebrations To The Next Level With Immersive Local Events

If there’s one thing that the holidays and wine tastings have in common, it’s that they’re a great way to bring people together. So why not combine the two? As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good idea to consider a unique new way to spend valuable time with your family. Instead of spending time at the house, go on an experience of a lifetime with your friends and family …

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4 Reasons to Go Wine Tasting

Whether you’re going out with your girls for the night or planning a romantic getaway, a wine tasting can be an illuminating experience in like minded company. It’s sophisticated and educational while being fun at the same time. It’s hard not to have fun when you have to sip on different kinds of wine, especially in the pleasant weather you find at Wine Country California.

Booking The Vacation Experience Of A Lifetime: A Guide

If you’ve ever booked a vacation, you can testify that the process is quite a hassle. From figuring out the location to making reservations, the troubled doesn’t just end there… you also have to figure out an itinerary of activities to stay entertained. In 2019 alone, about 100 million Americans have taken a vacation. This means the need to find exciting, out-of-the-box vacation ideas is greater now more than ever.

Mother’s Day Wine Country Weekend — better than brunch

Mothers Day Brunch in Wine Country
Still wondering what to do for Mother’s Day? If you want to make Mom feel special, there’s still time to plan a Mother’s Day wine country weekend. Get away from the people-packed city and experience the slower pace of Sonoma and Napa where springtime is in full bloom.  Mother’s Day in wine country This is the year to surprise the mother in your life with a wine country getaway. Chances …

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Sommelier — much more than a wine steward

Wine geeks share a language of their own. What exactly does it mean when a wine expert describes a wine as crunchy, chunky, or chewy? Okay, you know what chewy means, but … chewy wine? Instead of trying to decipher the qualities of a wine that is muscular or tight, leave it to the sommelier. What is a sommelier? Dictionaries describe a sommelier (pronounced suh MUL yay) as a wine steward, but the job …

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Passport Weekend Countdown — your ticket to Wine Country

Passport Weekend in Wine Country
The annual Passport to Dry Creek Valley is a weekend wine extravaganza. And it’s coming up Saturday and Sunday, April 27 and 28. Wineries go all out for Passport Weekend, now in its 30th year. If you love wine, you need to know about this favorite wine event. Passport Weekend 101 This casual, upscale weekend is about immersing yourself in the good life of Sonoma Wine Country. There are hundreds …

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