Combining Yoga and Wine

Wine and yoga—two words that don’t quite seem to gel together at first; but you’d be surprised at what a great combination this is. It’s a trend that’s picked up a lot in recent years, with yogis and wine-lovers going on retreats where they sip and flow.

In fact, people order specific classes too—and it’s not too surprising since both things offer health benefits, are fun to do and can be done with your friends! Who wouldn’t love to get wine drunk and get a nice relaxing workout simultaneously?

Why Yoga and Wine Work So Well

Yoga is an ancient practice that emerged from somewhere in Asia; several cultural, especially South and South-east Asian cultures consider yoga an integral part of daily life. It’s an exercise in patience, breathing, meditation and relaxation is a major part of it.

Wine is an alcohol that comes packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it’s shown to improve blood circulation, heart rate and much more. In moderation, it offers several health benefits and can make you lead a fuller, healthier life.

When put together, they complement each other quite well.

Why Yoga and Wine work so well

Some of the reasons yoga and wine make best friends are:

Yoga calls for relaxation; wine helps you relax

This is perhaps the biggest reason they pair so well together. Yoga requires you to be calm, mindful, relaxed and to let loose.

With our high-strung lifestyles that’s a difficult thing to accomplish, which is why wine acts as a relaxant. You’re able to be more attuned, aware and experience a full spectrum of sensations.

Yoga is a flexible practice that’s been adapted in different ways

All over the world you see different styles and types of yoga being taught and practiced. Vinyasa flows, power yoga, acro-yoga, dance yoga, even chicken nugget yoga. It was only a matter of time that this became popular too—after all, they’re both popular social activities.

They help you lose weight

Red wine contains resveratrol, an agent that helps accelerate weight loss. The link between fat burning and wine drinking have been studied and a link does emerge; but since you’re pairing it with physical movement and activity, it’s more likely to work. People love the change they see in their bodies!

Yoga and Wine help you relax

Yoga and wine both help with anxiety

Wine has been shown to help alleviate anxiety because of its relaxing qualities. Of course, the risks of using wine as a coping mechanism is not a good idea, but in moderation, it can help. Yoga definitely helps with anxiety and depression, making them both a great combination for managing stress and anxiety.

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