Dream Destinations for a Girls’ Trip

Your girls have been with you through the toughest times of your life. They’re the ones who’ve wiped your tears, held back your hair after a night of too much alcohol, the ones who’ve held you after every heartbreak, cheered you on through every milestone and achievement.

The importance of having a strong group of female friends cannot be emphasized enough. The bond is incomparable. However, with time and through life, the face of female friendships can change. You grow up, grow apart, go through different experiences and down different paths. When everyone is off doing their own thing, it’s important to make time to be around each other.

The perfect solution for strengthening your bond with each other is a girls’ trip!

The Best Places to Visit with your Girl Gang

When you’re planning for a girls’ trip, or really any trip with your friends, you need to keep in mind the people who are going, where you’ll go, what you want to do there, what your budget is and how long you’re going for.

Girls' Trip: Best Places to Visit

Every friend’s group is comprised of different individuals with different interests and hobbies. Some of you might want a more adventurous trip while the others prefer something more laid back and chilled out. Here are some places you can check out:

Orlando, FL

What better place than Orlando to let loose? Theme park capital of the world, this city gives you plenty of opportunity to have fun with your girls. Relive your childhood memories and have the time of your life at any of the incredible theme parks they have there.

Girls' Trip Orlando, FL

Napa Valley, CA

Napa Valley brings you the perfect opportunity to get drunk but stay classy on your girls’ trip. With its breathtaking views, endless vineyards and ample opportunity to experience art, culture and hot air balloons, there’s no better place than here.

Travel to Cali and stay in any of our luxury vacation rentals for the trip of a lifetime. From sipping boutique wines and chardonnay in the comfort of your vacation home to having a private pool and hot tub to yourselves, it’s truly a slice of heaven!

Girls' Trip: Napa Valley, CA

New York City, NY

New York, New York! This beautiful big city is where dreams are made. It’s full of adventure, excitement and plenty of opportunity to party. Journey to the Big Apple and experience firsthand what the songs, books and movies all talk about!

Killington, VT

For a more relaxed trip in the quiet of the mountains, Killington is where you should head to. Beautiful views, surrounded by nature and solitude, you’ll never want to leave! It’s the perfect place for those who want a taste of adventure in the mountains, while still being able to relax.

There are plenty of things to see and do on a girls’ trip. If wine and views are where your heart is leading you, get in touch with us and book a rental home in Wine Country!