COVID-19 Questions & Information

Existing reservations: What is your current cancellation policy?+

New reservations: Are you offering flexible booking policies?+

How do you clean your properties?+

Making Reservations

How do I make a reservation?+

Do the prices listed on the website include taxes?+

What is your cancellation policy?+

What is the minimum stay?+

Understanding Fees

Will my security deposit be refunded?+

Are there extra charges for gas, electricity or water?+

Are the pools heated? Is there an extra fee?+

Knowing the Rules

County regulations limit occupancy, parking, and more.+

Can we play sound systems outdoors?+

Are pets allowed?+

Is smoking permitted?+

Checking In

When is check-in and check-out?+

How and when do I get the keys to the vacation home?+

Planning Your Stay

Are bed linens, towels and paper products included?+

Are there supplies for the BBQ (fireplace and fire pit if there is one)?+

What if I have questions about how to work something at the vacation home?+

Is there Internet access?+

Is there parking?+

Entertaining Guests

Can we bring guests to the rental home?+