From Land to Sea—Tennessee to Cali

Home to the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains, Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Known for its old-world charm and quaint towns and cities like Jacksonville, country music, food and breathtaking views, the one thing this state is missing out on is having a beach.

Unfortunately, Tennessee is completely landlocked and although you’ll find lakes and rivers in certain areas, there’s nothing quite like dipping your toes in the sand and having the waves wash over your feet.

California has a lot more to offer to those who venture here—and without a shadow of doubt, Tennessee locals will fall in love with it too!

Things to do in California if you’re from Tennessee

Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, you’re in for the trip of a lifetime when you head to The Golden State. Plan the perfect trip and be sure to try the following activities and visit all the places you can:

Have a star-struck moment in Hollywood

A lot of Hollywood’s A-listers call Tennessee home. From Justin Timberlake to Dolly Parton and Samuel L. Jackson to Megan Fox, all these celebrities and more come from this state, so why not visit Hollywood and enjoy some more? See where these locals ended up and spot your favorite celebs.

Relax on L.A.’s beaches

Los Angeles has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Sandy, warm, clear waters and plenty of tourist attractions centered on them, anyone visiting from the landlocked state needs to hang around these beaches.

Discover yourself in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is home to the famous Wine Country, a place known for its iconic vineyards and wineries. Spend some time up here and relax in a beautiful luxury rental home, taking in the views this place has to offer. Sip on some of the best wine you’ll ever get your hands on, take a hot air balloon ride over the stunning vineyards and explore the quiet streets of its towns.

Visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge

Even if it’s just for a single photograph, this iconic landmark is most definitely worth visiting. Located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, this is a popular symbol in pop-culture and you wouldn’t want to miss it at all!


There’s a lot more to see and do in the state of California, these are just some of the most important ones. So get planning and head on over! Find a vacation home for rent in Wine Country by getting in touch with us.