Got the Dallas Blues? 5 Reasons to Head to Napa Valley

While Dallas packed some of the most exciting events in February, things have started looking pretty bleak lately. If you’ve been dreaming of a swoon-worthy vacation anywhere but in your hometown, we don’t blame you! It’s time to shake the Dallas blues!

As one of the hottest destinations of the year and the decade, Napa Valley is the go-to spot that offers breathtaking beauty and stunning wine tours that’ll leave you wanting more! From blissful vineyards to thrilling adventures, the glorious Wine Country is the perfect destination for a dreamy weekend getaway from Dallas. We’ve rounded up some reasons to help kick-start your inspiration so you can make incredible memories this month. Read on!

1. Go on the Ultimate Hiking Adventure

Are your eyes sore for some fresh greens? Head over to Napa Valley with your beau or best friends for the ultimate hiking adventure! The breathtaking wine region offers some of the most exquisite trails and hillside vineyards.

Catch a glimpse of Napa Valley’s stunning landscape, pastel skies, and warm sunshine.  Also, have the time of your life as you navigate exciting trails with your support system!

Goodbye Dallas blues – Napa Valley’s exhilarating hiking experience is bound to show you a great time.

2. Soak in the Glory of Wine Country With a Dreamy BBQ Evening


Grab your friends and get going! Have the time of your life by having a delectable BBQ evening in the exquisite landscape of Napa Valley. With mouthwatering treats ranging from beef ribs to delectable pulled pork, your eyes and stomach will be satiated beyond expectation.

Make new memories with your best friends in the glorious beauty of Napa Valley.  Share incredible food made even better with Napa Valley’s custom-blended sauces and special ingredients.

3. Embark on a Stunning and Satiating Wine Tour With Your Best Friends!

Wine Tour with Best Friends

Calling all wine lovers! Whether you’re a fan of Pinot Grigio, classic Cabernet Sauvignon, or some exquisite Chardonnay, the region where it all started will show you how the pros do it!

At The Wine Stay, we offer exquisite sommelier-guided wine tours to ensure your group gets a glimpse of the history and anecdotes that make Napa Valley’s wine the finest across the globe. Soak in the flirty bubbles and sweet scents of Wine Country’s rare wines as you have a blast with your pals!

4. Hit the Skies for a Swoon-Worthy Hot Air Balloon Ride

There’s nothing quite like an exhilarating hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley. With a glittering landscape, you’re bound to lose the Dallas blues and have the adventure of a lifetime! Call us and we’ll equip you with delectable treats and wine for your stunning ride.

As you soak in the warm skies and lush greens of Napa Valley, you’ll feel rejuvenated and renewed.

5. Feeling Adventurous? It’s Time for a Thrilling Bike Tour

Wave your Dallas blues goodbye with a thrilling bike tour that takes you across the stunning trails of Napa Valley!

At The Wine Stay, we offer guided bike tours to ensure your group has an invigorating experience in the stunning landscape. By mapping out your itinerary and equipping you with a delectable picnic lunch, we’ll ensure each arduous task is taken care of so you can have a memorable time with your best friends!

Whether you’re a bike enthusiast or new to the game, we’ll create a personalized adventure for you that helps you navigate the glittering countryside at an ideal pace.

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