Here’s How To Make Your Wine Vacation Memorable

Wine vacations are one of the most incredible experiences every adult deserves to have! Scenic views, incredible wines and delicious cuisines to pair them with, and an escape from the same old routine and tough schedule—what more could you want? And there’s no place better than Wine Country, CA for the perfect wine vacation!

If you’re unfamiliar with what to do on a wine vacation, don’t worry. It’s pretty much like any other vacation—with a better opportunity to enjoy different wines. This blog will share tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your exciting trip.

Everything you need to know and do for the perfect trip

Planning a trip can be incredibly stressful; in fact, the stress can defeat the purpose of the vacation itself, making it a frustrating and upsetting experience for everyone involved. You don’t want to come back after your vacation feeling more tired than ever.

Here’s how you can make the most of your wine vacation:

Find the right people to go with

In truth, half the fun depends on who you go with. A wine vacation might not be the most family-friendly affair, given that it involves activities that underage individuals won’t be able to participate in, or be odd to do with your parents. It’s the perfect chance to catch up with old friends, getting together for an annual reunion of sorts to hang out and sip wine for days.

Get your partner and friends in on it if possible—but if you can’t leave behind the kids, it’s not a problem. There’s plenty more to do apart from wine tastings and tours.

Pick dates that align with everyone else’s and begin planning ahead. The best time to visit Wine Country is pretty much any time in the year—but the peak season is around fall.

Pick the perfect accommodation

Since your wine vacation is more enjoyable with a group, the occasion calls for the perfect accommodation too. Book a luxury vacation home rentals Healdsburg or Sonoma County through us and enjoy all the perks you get.

Our vacation rentals are fully-furnished, fully-functional homes with necessities such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and additional amenities like Wi-Fi, swimming pools and hot tubs that you can enjoy for hours.


Not only is there greater value for money when compared to hotels and other forms of accommodation, you also get plenty of privacy and space, so everyone is comfortable and able to settle in with ease. You can book a vacation home of your choice through our website or get in touch with us to learn more.

The plus side of this is that the counties in Wine Country are close to each other, so you can easily travel back and forth, enjoying the various activities and attractions in each.

Plan your itinerary based on everyone’s interests

Once you’ve got the gang together, dates and accommodation figured out, it’s time to plan. You learn a lot about someone when you travel together; different people have different travel styles. This is why it’s important for you to decide on a general itinerary of things you wish to do on your trip.

If you have kids or senior family members along, be sure to include them in your activities too. They might not enjoy endless wine tours—so space things out. Even if it’s just you and your friends, ask everyone about the things they want to do and meet each other halfway. Perhaps, some of you are into more adventurous activities, or perhaps some of you would rather spend your entire trip by the pool—so get an idea before you get there.

Pack based on the things you wish to do—and then some

Once you’ve got your itinerary down, pack accordingly. Start with the absolute basics and essentials, such as medication, toiletries, and clothing that’s good for daily wear. Make sure whatever you pack is suited to the weather you travel in. Even though Wine Country has pleasant weather throughout the year, winter and fall might need you to wear long pants and jackets.


Furthermore, it’s a good idea to dress up a bit for wine tours and dinners. Keep a few dressy options that you can wear to art galleries, events and dinner dates, parties and fancier wineries. In addition to that, it’s always a good idea to pack a couple of sports bras and yoga pants for a trip that might include outdoor activities.

Bathing suits are also a smart choice, since you’ll have access to pools, hot tubs, hot springs, mud baths and much more, especially in places like Calistoga. Perhaps you want to go kayaking down the Russian River—you wouldn’t want to do that in your picnic outfit, right?

Be sure to head out on the right wine tours

Since this is a wine vacation, wine tours will be a large part of this trip. Our in-house sommelier can help you find the right tour for you, planning out all the details. There are dozens of options to try from, so it’s a matter of what’s right for you.

We will customize a tour for you, based on your preferences, driving you in luxury vehicles through the gorgeous Wine Country, stopping over at a few wineries handpicked for you. You get to learn a lot about the region, different wines and have a rich and fulfilling experience. Plus, you’ll receive snacks and cheeses to pair with your wines!


If you wish to take other tours, you can also check some out independently. However, if you wish to enjoy wine tastings in your own home, you can reach out to our sommelier for that too!


Enjoy the local tourist spots and natural landscapes

Of course, there’s a lot more to do than just wine tours. Wine Country is full of natural sites and tourist spots and activities that are worth trying. We’ll help you book a hike through the stunning countryside, bike through vineyards and fields, or head out to the Russian River for picnics and kayaking.


Let your inner adventurer out and go explore everything that nature has to offer, but don’t forget to take in the rich history of the region either. From quaint towns and beautiful architecture, you can stop by castles and local markets. Shop for souvenirs or indulge in some high-fashion pieces from the shopping districts.

Treat yourself to amazing food and other types of alcohol from local bars and restaurants—you can find recommendations based on where you’re staying on our website too!

End it all with a hot air balloon ride over the gorgeous vineyards, taking in the breathtaking California sunsets!

hot air balloon

Buy wine bottles for home

When you’re done with the adventuring and touring, you should spend time taking a yoga class or a spa day, unwinding and relaxing, letting all the stress melt away. And right at the end, before you bid your vacation goodbye, buy a couple of bottles to take home with you. Take them as presents or for yourself—after all, this is some of the best wine in the world!


Excited for your trip yet? Get in touch with us and get planning!