Houston, TX

Living in Houston means you’re constantly on the go; there’s no time to slow down, running from school or work to errands, driving all day and combating rush hour traffic on the daily. You sometimes need to get away from it all and just be able to walk or ride a bike—which is why Wine Country is where you need to be.

One of the most stressful parts is finding the right accommodation, which is why we’re offering great vacation rentals for Houston travelers in Calistoga.These are perfect when you’re going with family and friends. You need to find a place that’s comfortable for everyone and doesn’t leave you broke.

You can speak to our agents or book online, no matter where you are. Whether you’re a California local or based in Houston, TX, it’s as easy as checking out available on our website and reserving with us.

Perfect for groups, you can easily stay in one of our homes with your friends and/or family. There’s space for the kids to be comfortable in, play and explore and the adults to enjoy privacy and freedom that they need.

Unlike hotels you won’t have to share your space with strangers or be cramped up in small rooms. The whole house will be at your disposal, including spaces like the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. You can also get additional amenities such as swimming pools, game rooms and home theatres.

We have multiple vacation homes available for rent across the region, giving you the freedom to choose a location that suits your itinerary, needs and wants. For visitors from Houston, TX there’s a lot to do in Wine Country, from biking and hiking, to going all the way out for wine tours in Sonoma.

The weather is gorgeous all year round and any time you visit, you’re guaranteed to have fun. There’s no place like here to relax, unwind and sit back with a glass of wine, bonding with people you love.

Book your tickets and make a reservation with us and we’ll help you plan your itinerary, including recommendations for wine tours and boutiques. We are the only vacation home agency to have an in-house sommelier to help our guests, after all! Call us at 855-358-WINE to learn more.



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