How To Prepare Yourself For The Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

Going on a trip is exciting, but sometimes, the packing, bookings, and last-minute double checking can get overwhelming, stressing you out at a time when you just want to be excited.

We get it—we’ve all been there at some point.

Traveling is exhausting, so it’s important to be in the right frame of mind when you leave.

Here are some tips that will help you have stress-free vacation travel.

Don’t Stress Out About Coming Back To An Unclean House

Are you one of those people who create a huge mess of their cupboards and desks while looking for things to pack?

In that case, you need to let go of your commitment to come home to a clean house. No cleaning up EVERYTHING before you leave.

You’ll be tired when you come back home, and of course, a clean bed to sleep in would be nice, but here’s the thing: you don’t need to clean EVERYTHING.

To counter the stress, aim to make sure that nothing important gets messy in the whole packing-fiasco. This includes things you’ll need immediately upon returning, like the bed, your kitchen and bathroom. The rest, you can take care of the next day.


Practice Being Unavailable

Imagine you’re at a winery, enjoying a glass of delicious wine, and you get a phone call that ruins the entire vibe of the evening for you. Who could it be?

The answer is clear for most of us: someone from work asking you where files for Project 2 are!

What a buzzkill!

While being a good employee is great, being available for work-related thing while you’re vacationing is just going to add unnecessary stress to your already stressed mind.

Unless it is imperative, make it clear that you won’t be available for anything work-related for the duration of your trip—and stick by it.

Don’t Plan Every Minute Of Your Trip—Leave Room For Surprises

We understand that, when going on a trip, you get an inescapable urge to plan everything—right down to the days you’re going to rest.

While it’s great to make all the bookings beforehand and knowing what the course your trip is going to take, you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun if you don’t leave room for spontaneous surprises.

Give yourself a break from the plan, explore things something new, meet the locals, and let them guide you. Don’t miss out on adventure!

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