How To Relax On Vacation

When you feel like you’re about to head into burn-out zone, taking a vacation might be a good idea. However, when you’ve been working so hard for so long, it can be difficult to simply take a break. Watch out for some signs that you’re becoming a workaholic and a slave to your workplace.  Remind yourself to detach and be conscious of the other roles you play in life. You are more than just your job and a vacation is the jolt back into reality you need.  But, you need to truly relax on vacation.

For most of us, it can be incredibly difficult to detach our real selves from our work selves. The urge to check your phone and reply to your emails or wondering about how your project is going can be overpowering. It can hinder your ability to really enjoy yourself.

It’s time to take advantage of those paid vacation days and take some time off. Here are some tips to ensure that you find your experience as rejuvenating as ever.

Take the right vacation

Pick a spot where you feel like you’d be able to connect with yourself the most. If you don’t like crowded places, look for a destination which offers you more solace. Ask yourself, what energizes you the most? Is it the right company, surrounding yourself with nature or having access to great food and wine? This will help you choose the right space to be able to let go and truly relax on vacation.

Take it slow and steady Wine Country is a great place to relax on vacation

Or adjust your pace accordingly. Wanting to cram too many activities and checking things off your checklist could be you projecting your work mode ideals on to your relaxing time.

Separate the two and remember that it’s okay if things don’t go according to plan. Each new curveball can lead you to something else. Remind yourself that you are where you’re supposed to be. It can help you carry the right Zen when you head back to your normal life.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Sometimes you need a little push and a leap of faith to be able to experience ultimate relaxation. Trying out a new activity or experience can give you the surge of happiness and positive energy. A boost of serotonin and dopamine in your bloodstream can help you relax.

Keep it simple

One of the ways you can make sure you have enough time to unwind is by keeping your vacation simple and easy. The more elaborate it is or travel time there is, the more emotionally and physically taxing it can be for you. You don’t want to return from a vacation tired and exhausted. That’s why it best to find a more manageable escape.


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