Jacksonville, TN

Switch things up from your boring old routine and explore a world of excitement and adventure outside of Tennessee by planning a trip to Calistoga! Get away from the constant driving, traffic, noise, pollution and step into a world of wining and dining and Californian glamor.

Wine Country is the perfect vacation rental for any Jacksonville, TN traveler looking for a break. Book our beautiful vacation rentals for however long you want, picking the perfect place for your vacation needs.

Treat yourself to the finer things in life, without spending thousands of dollars. Vacation homes are a lot more economical than standard accommodations, helping you save up on food costs as well.Avoid crowded and pricey hotels and settle into a comfortable, luxurious but affordable vacation rental home that you can book online. Whether you’re taking a girls’ trip, hitting up Wine Country with your best buddies, or you’ve been looking to plan the perfect family vacation, here is where you should be.

Let loose and have the time of your life, relaxing in the comfort of a beautiful, fully-furnished, fully-functional home anywhere in the region. The Wine Stay features homes with amenities and luxuries like swimming pools too, so you get the complete vacation experience when you stay with us.

You’ll have easy access to local events and activities, including concerts, carnivals, art exhibits and the very popular hot air balloon rides. You get a chance to fly over some of the most picturesque vineyards, soaking up views like never before.

Of course, the most exciting part about visiting Wine Country is all the wine! Our in-house sommelier can help you figure out exactly which wineries to visit and which boutique wines to try. In fact, we even offer additional services like connecting you to wine tours from Jacksonville to Healdsburg and getting a 5-star chef to prepare cuisines that you can enjoy in the comfort of your luxury vacation rental.

To book the perfect vacation home, get in touch with us at 855-358-WINE!


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