Kids and Wine Country? Make Your Vacation Great!

The picturesque valleys of California’s Wine Country make it an ideal destination for many people. The chance to sit against a backdrop of gorgeous vineyards and sip aromatic wine is something most people would love. With approximately 23.6 million tourists visiting the California wine regions in a year, this doesn’t come as a surprise. However, at first glance, a wine country vacation sounds like something that parents of children under 21 years of age cannot enjoy. Blending kids and wine country is easier than you think.

Surely, you must be wondering, kids will have nothing to do in the wine country. Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

Offering more than just vineyards and wine tours, the region has a lot to offer to tourists of all ages. It’s bound to be a fun-filled time for the whole family!

Keep them entertained

While the adults indulge in relaxing wine tasting tours, you must wonder what will keep the kids entertained. Luckily, they won’t have to sit around and waste time. When you book a rental vacation home with The Wine Stay, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free, relaxing vacation. We want to make sure you and your kids have the time of your lives; that’s why we provide toys and games to keep your kids entertained.

Kid-friendly accommodation

Staying in a vacation rental that offers your whole families the comforts you need to have an enjoyable stay is automatically a recipe for success.

Whether you choose a private cabana in Sonoma County with a pool where your kids can swim or a beautiful home in Healdsburg with lots of open space to run around, our locations are guaranteed to provide you and your kids the amenities you need.

Bring your kids to Wine CountryVisit the great outdoors

There’s nothing kids love more than exploring the outdoors. Wine country has a number of outdoor activities to keep your kids entertained, ensuring their trip is just as fun as yours!

Just because the region is famous for its wineries doesn’t mean there aren’t other family-friendly attractions there. Among the various outdoor attractions are guided hikes, kayaking down the Russian River, bike tours, and hot air balloon rides.

No matter what age you are, there are fun-filled, thrilling activities for all!

When you’re planning your next vacation, don’t forego the beautiful sights of California’s Wine Country. When you book a gorgeous luxury vacation rental home with us, you can request a special kids package as well.

Ready with all the amenities and resources you’ll need to make your children—and yourself—happy on your vacation, we’ll have all the additional items you need set up at your vacation home.


When you stay with The Wine Stay, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a hassle-free, comfortable vacation to unwind in peace. Whether you want to indulge yourself or ensure convenience, our guest services have got you covered!

You’re welcome to California’s breathtaking Wine Country, kids and all!

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