Make the First Vacation with Your Partner a Success

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to travel together. Travel can really bring out the best—and the worst—in someone, since it involves planning, organization, stress, discomfort, budgeting, having fun and gaining new experiences.

You don’t really know someone till you’ve spent time around them, their habits, quirks, behaviors and much more. Vacations are amazing bonding experiences, but they can really put your relationship to the test.

Tips for Having the Best Trip Together

There are a lot of things to iron out before you head off. It’s better to discuss things and plan ahead of time, going over as many details as you can in advance. Even if you’re not planners and like to go with the flow, for a first trip, figure out your basics together.

Know Your Budget

This is a big thing that you need to establish. Whether you’ve been together for a while or you’ve just started dating, establish who will pitch in how much and what your total budget is. This will also help you plan out the rest of the details.

Who’s going along with you?

While traveling alone is great, a lot of couples choose to take friends and family along for their first trip together. It doesn’t need to be any less romantic and can, in fact, be really great!

You surround yourself with people you love, have a great time and even split costs. When you’re bored or tired of each other’s company, you can always hang with the others; it’s also fun to try out adventures with your friends so what better time than on vacation? Romance and friendship all in one!

First Vacation with a Group

Where will you stay?

Again important to know, your accommodation will dictate and be dictated by a lot of other factors. One of the best things to do especially when traveling with friends and family is to book a vacation rental.

We offer several affordable vacation homes in Wine Country. You can get in touch with us to know more. Our homes are cost-effective, include amenities and are located close to wineries and other tourist sites in the region.

Plan out the activities you want to do—together and by yourselves

First Vacation on a Hot Air Balloon

Don’t be afraid to voice your needs and plans and don’t be too selfish to indulge your partner. It’s meant to be a vacation for the both of you! If one of you wants to go on a wine tour, try it out together. Pick and choose activities you both will enjoy together and even on your own. Time apart isn’t always a bad thing.

Just relax, let loose and have a good time. Keep checking in with each other on how the trip is going and work through issues that come up. It’s your time together, so make memories you’ll hold on to forever!