Massages and Margaritas—The Dream Vacation in Wine Country

With the stress of the year coming to a close, all the work piling on, closing cases and accounts, getting through finals, classes and never-ending responsibilities, the chilly winds and winter holidays, it’s more than high-time for a break.

It can be hard to jet off to the middle of nowhere, with not a single care in the world, the ocean breeze in your hair. But the stress of planning and pulling off an extravagant vacation is not really worth it. You’ll come back more tired than before, probably broke and with jetlag.

Instead, one of the best places to visit when you need to get away from it all is Wine Country, right here in the heart of California!

Why Wine Country is a Vacation Paradise

Vacations should be relaxing, leaving you with a renewed sense of self and the energy to return to your daily life and routine. Often, the idea of an elaborate vacation to some far off destination is all glamour no value.

A place like Wine Country, CA, on the other hand, is the perfect solution to your year-end blues. Get your friends and family together and book luxury vacation rentals Napa California and prepare for the time of your life!

The perfect accommodation for you to call home

No trip to Wine Country is complete without staying in a gorgeous luxury vacation home rentals Calistoga, Healdsburg, or Sonoma County where you can get amenities such as pools, hot tubs, game rooms and the comforts of a hotel, in addition to the privacy of a home. Through The Wine Stay, you can book incredible homes suited to your needs and lounge around for days sipping on wine and chilling in the hot tub.

green field

Greenery and scenery to enrich your soul

Staring at a computer screen day after day, slugging away for hundreds of hours a month and then being surrounded by concrete jungles, noise pollution can exhaust you more than you realize. Wine Country is full of lush green vineyards and beautiful fields for you to feast your eyes on. The change of scenery can do wonders for you.

Unlimited wine and other alcohol for the complete vacation

Head to a different winery every day, or have our in-house sommelier bring you some of the best wines they can find straight to your vacation home. Vacation the right way, feeling light and breezy and incredibly relaxed. If wine isn’t your thing, get yourself a margarita!

Incredible food to leave you forever happy

Food is the one thing that can turn any frown upside down when it’s prepared by 5-star chefs and offer a punch of flavor. Dress up and dine out, or dress down and dine in—no matter what your preference, there are lots of ways for you to feast.


The most relaxing massages you’ll ever receive

Did someone say massage? That’s right, like any dream vacation, this one should not be without a massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Our guest services include helping you book a massage appointment with experts who will knead out every worry, one knot at a time.

What are you doing still waiting around? Head to our website, pick a date and book your vacation home. Wine Country is waiting for you!