Pick the Perfect Honeymoon Rental in Napa Valley

As one of the hottest honeymoon destinations of the year, Napa Valley packs everything couples could ask for and more! To make things easier, here’s some great ways to pick the perfect honeymoon rental for the time of your life.

With stunning wine tours, mesmerizing hot air balloon rides, and a range of dreamy activities, there’s no room for boredom or the spark losing its electricity. If anything, your relationship is guaranteed to grow stronger and you stroll along the magical vineyards hand-in-hand and take in the breathtaking beauty of Wine Country!

While you may have been planning a romantic vacation to Napa Valley for months, figuring out where to start can be quite challenging. With a wide range of rentals, narrowing down the ideal option can be quite a task.

Read on!

Pick the Perfect Location!

perfect honeymoon location

While you may have come across rentals that appear perfect on paper, a closer look at their distance from downtown Calistoga begins to reveal the wide range of cracks that you initially overlooked.

Moreover, it’s essential to pick a rental that’s close to Calistoga—the heart of Napa Valley. Whether you want to head out for some late-night festivities or soak in the glory of the sweet and scenic city, your rental’s proximity to downtown Calistoga will make the biggest difference in your vacation.

Our perfect honeymoon rental is a short 5–minute drive from downtown Calistoga. You and your beau can explore the town without spending a ton on ride-hailing services. We also offer professional airport transfer and personal drivers to ensure everything’s taken care of!

Ambiance and Amenities? Check!

Honeymoon Ambiance and Amenities

Keep the romance alive by booking the perfect honeymoon rental rental with stunning ambiance.

At The Wine Stay, we go the extra mile to ensure our Napa Valley rentals offer breathtaking views. Packed with dreamy amenities—including a private pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor BBQ grill, and more—you’ll be in for a long treat!

Contemporary Chic Interior Decor

Contemporary Chic Interior

While you may not spend too much time indoors, it’s essential to have exquisite interior design and decor. Further, you’ll be returning to your vacation home to unwind from a long day of wine tasting and glorious kayaking!

For a luxuriously comfortable time in your cozy rental, we recommend ensuring it’s decked in sleek and stunning design. Additionally, our rentals blend the best of contemporary decor with the classic elements of Napa Valley.

With state-of-the-art technology and comfortable furnishings, we go the extra mile to ensure you relax in Napa Valley.

Kick-start your romantic vacation by making the most of our dreamy vacation rentals in Calistoga and Napa Valley. With the inclusion of stellar services—including sommelier-guided wine tours, 5-star gourmet meals, professional massages, personal yoga treatments, and more—you’ll have the time of your life with your beau!

Whether you’re heading to Napa Valley from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, or Jacksonville, you’ll catch a glimpse of Wine Country while making the most of the interior luxury of our rentals.