Plan Ahead! The Best Ways to Surprise Your Beau for V-Day

Think it’s too early to start planning for V-Day?

You might want to think again.

While most of us love planning for birthdays and anniversaries in advance, we tend to leave V-Day prep until the last minute. With little to no time to brainstorm, our creative juices dry up and we’re forced to settle on conventional and boring options like chocolate and roses (yes, that painfully boring).

If you plan on gifting your significant other the same awfully-wrapped box of perfume for the third V-Day in a row, you might want to prepare yourself for the impending death glare that’s about to come your way.

Doesn’t sound too fun?

We thought so. Read ahead for some great ways you can surprise your beau and show them that you really care.

1. The Trip of a Lifetime

They don’t just say ‘go big or go home’ for nothing. If you really want to impress your person this V-Day, hit the ball out of the park by planning a romantic getaway for the two of you.

Book an affordable yet exotic vacation rental for the weekend and whisk them away to a magical retreat that will not only score you major brownie points but will also be one of the most memorable times you spend together.

Whether you choose Napa Valley, Sonoma, Calistoga or Healdsburg, you really can’t go wrong with a stunning California Wine Country rental. From wine tours with sommeliers and five-star meals to guided hikes, bike tours, kayaking and hot air ballooning, you’ll spend the weekend of a lifetime.

To make things extra sweet, take a Polaroid along and surprise your beau with a heart-warming DIY photo album a few days after the trip (we promise it’s easy to make!).

2. Personalize All the Way!

Personalized presents win over generic presents any day. No matter how expensive that chocolate, perfume or bouquet is, a thoughtful present that has a back story will always take precedence.

Whether it’s a $10 shirt of their favorite underground indie band or a DIY fridge magnet of an inside joke you share together, the meaningful intent and memories behind the present will vividly stand out and make it all the more likable.

Make a mental list of their favorite shows, movies, music, books, inside jokes with you and/or anything else that they’re ridiculously passionate about. Build a present around that theme/concept. The key is to work around something that matters to them and would get them excited.

Get going!

3. Get Creative

Ditch your comfort zone and spice things up with a fun and creative present that shows you put some thought into it. A unique way to go about this is collecting wine corks from memorable occasions where you popped the bottle.

Write the date and a short, sweet memory like ‘endless laughs on scrabble night’ or ‘surprise wine tour’ on each cork. Place them in a tall, clear vase or a nostalgic jar. Surprise your significant other on V-Day and watch their face instantly light up!

Still keep thinking about how incredible that vacation and wine tour would be? We don’t blame you. If you really want to go bold but don’t know whether it’s the right move, check out these affordable yet beautiful vacation rentals that are sure to make a big impression without hurting your pocket.