Spending Spring Break in Sonoma if You’re from Seattle

Spring break is one time of the year college students—and professors—look forward to. It’s right after the stress of mid-terms and gives you the perfect excuse to party, let loose and make memories to last a lifetime. It’s short enough not to commit to any responsibilities and long enough to squeeze a quick getaway out of it. If you’re from Seattle, we’d recommend you to have a great spring break in Sonoma County, CA. There’s a lot to see and do around town, especially if you’re looking for an adventure beyond just mindless drinking and partying.

Sonoma gives you the unique opportunity to create a mix of partying and relaxing, so when the break is over, you’re able to go back to college reenergized—not with a raging hangover and brain fog.

Getting to Sonoma is a piece of cake

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, what your budget allows and how many people are traveling, there are a handful of ways to get from Seattle to Sonoma. You can make a road trip out of it if you’d like, or head there via air—although the second option might cost you more than planned for.
Either way, it’s a fairly easy journey to make. Not to mention breathtaking views all along the way.

Poolside in Sonoma

You get to stay in some of the most beautiful homes

When planning spring break in Sonoma, live like a local by staying at one of our beautiful properties. We offer vacation homes and wine tours in Sonoma County to tourists from Seattle, WA, including college students of a certain age.

Our homes are fully-furnished and have great locations, which means you’re only really a short while away from anything you wish to do, and fairly affordable for groups. You’d save more and get more than if you stayed at a hotel. From pools and hot-tubs to home theatres and game rooms, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Beautiful Sonoma homes

You can go hiking and biking and much more

Explore Sonoma’s scenic outdoors with a lovely hike through the surrounding forestry, or bike through the vineyards and lose yourself in the gorgeous stretches of green. There are also local parks and natural reserves that you can head to and be at one with nature in all its glory!

Lots of wine and great food

What’s a vacation without food and alcohol though? Sonoma has a huge variety of some of the best wines in the world alongside alcohol like beer. You can enjoy delicious food and wine, or party it up with a few bottles in your private luxury vacation home.

There are also various affordable wine tours from Seattle to Sonoma County, so you can check them out and find one that suits you.

Excited yet? Get in touch with us to reserve your vacation home and start planning!