Spending the Perfect Winter in Napa Valley

One of the best parts about heading to California, especially the AVAs in Wine Country, is the year-long pleasant weather. The Golden State stays true to its name, with endless sunshine and warmth—at least relatively—all through the year. If you’re eager to escape the winter cold, head out to Napa Valley as soon as possible!

Best Things to Do in Napa Valley this Winter

The holidays might be over, but the cold is far from gone. With the new year, there’s a need to recharge and reinvigorate yourself for the challenges coming your way and nothing quite like a quick getaway to the beautiful Napa Valley for that.

The colder months are off-season for tourism in the valley, however, there’s a lot that you can see and do. In fact, in a lot of ways, it’s better than visiting during peak season. Have the best winter in Napa Valley with a little preparation and planning and you’re good to go.

Book the perfect accommodation

Whenever you’re traveling, be sure you have accommodation suited to your needs. Arlington and Indianapolis travelers can find plenty of great vacation rentals through The Wine Stay. Just reach out to us or browse our website to find incredible vacation homes across Napa Valley!

Go on wine tours

What’s a trip to Wine Country without plenty of wine tours, tasting the most magnificent wines produced from the region? Endless varieties of red and white wines and experts who will walk you through these tastings—it’s a wine enthusiast’s dream come true.

You can take a wine tour around Napa or Sonoma County, or any of the other AVAs since they’re all close by. Just let your sommelier or tour-guides know.

Just be sure to pack a jacket or pair your wine tour dress with some stockings. Put on a scarf since it can get chilly—but the wine will keep you toasty!

Have a cookout in your backyard

Winter in Napa Valley is a great time for some BBQ cookouts. A lot of our vacation homes come with grills and backyards where you can host a little party with your family and friends, enjoying some delicious food, wine and each other’s company. Not to mention, you get to stay warm—not that it’s too cold to be outside anyway!

Go for a hike and enjoy the weather

Napa is blessed with some of the most incredible, winding, scenic hike trails that can be explored. Head out on a guided tour—we’ll help arrange that—and take in all the views the region offers. In fact, the vineyards are typically a beautiful shade of yellow thanks to the mustard flowers, during the winter months. So even if you’re out for a stroll, every second is worth it.

Excited to spend your winter lounging around a cozy house, some delicious wine and a hot tub to dip into for warmth? Start planning!