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Vacation Home Rental or Hotel — Which Is Better for You?

Vacation Home Rental Or Hotel - Which Is Better
Vacations used to be simpler. You decided where you wanted to go, saved up your money, and reserved a hotel room. There weren’t vacation packages and bargain offers to sort through. You didn’t have much choice about where to stay, so long as your bank account was flush. Your budget was set by your savings, not your credit card limit. Things are different today. You have choices, with a vast …

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How to Choose the Right Vacation Rental

How To Choose The Right Vacation Rental
You want your vacation to be great, and you know the place you stay can make all the difference. But how do you know whether the property  is in line with what you have in mind? How do you choose the right vacation rental? Vacation rental, choose the right one Clarify your priorities Do you and the others in your group agree that a pool or spa is a must? …

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