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4 Wine-Related Things People From Arlington Understand

4 Wine-Related Things People From Arlington Understand
If appreciate and enjoy wine – and you’re from Arlington – you’ll be able to understand the value and wisdom Hemingway offered to his readers. He encapsulates the depth and layers, the emotional, physical, sensual and gastronomic journey a single glass of wine can take those who truly know how to appreciate this gift to mankind.

4 Reasons To Honeymoon in Wine Country in 2020

Honeymoon in Wine Country
Planning and executing a magical honeymoon in Wine Country is the best gift you can give your partner after marriage. It’s one of the most special trips you’ll take together because it’s the first time you’re heading into a new chapter of into your life and destination as a couple!

4 Ideas to Have the Most Amazing New Year’s Eve

2019 is ending very soon and people are planning to end the year with a bang. With holidays and New Year’s Eve (NYE) all coming up within the same week, there’s no better time than the end of the year to celebrate. Having an amazing New Year’s Eve is easier than you think, and you don’t have to travel to NYC to do it.

Sonoma Barrel Tasting 2019 — enjoy a wine tasting adventure!

Barrels of wine
Don’t miss Wine Road’s 2019 Barrel Tasting event in Sonoma County. This is your chance to sample wines from the Alexander, Dry Creek, and Russian River valleys. But this isn’t like your typical wine tasting experience. Barrel tasting happens only once a year Each spring, the grapes that were harvested the prior year, usually late summer through fall, are ready for sampling. Winemakers regularly taste test their barrels during the …

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5 Tips for a Great Wine Country Vacation

5 Tips For A Great Wine Country Vacation
With breathtaking views, diverse population, great cultural experiences, and, of course, an array of wine tasting rooms, the Wine Country has all the makings for an incredible vacation destination. Napa Valley alone plays host to more than 3 million tourists, which includes lone travelers, couples, and families. To make your Wine Country vacation smooth and pleasant, consider these useful tips: Check Out the Weather If you are traveling to the …

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