The Adventurer’s Guide to Wine Country

It’s the scent of the wet earth and the sound of the river as it rumbles along; the rush of adrenaline as you fight through the urge for flight, powering through difficult terrains, keeping your senses in tune.

It’s the feeling of accomplishment as you finish a challenging hike or cross the finish line or navigate through the rapids—it’s a feeling that’s indescribable in words. If you know it, you know it. You’ll also know how addictive it is.

These heightened reflexes, surging hormones and emotions, feeling at one with nature or the sheer pleasure of doing something you wouldn’t get to in your daily life is all a part of ‘good stress.’ Adrenaline junkies aren’t called that for nothing.

Not everyone has what it takes to be an adventurer and for those who’ve tasted the sweetness of thrill, there’s no going back. Every trip, every travel is an excuse for excitement.

Adventure in Unsuspecting Places

When you think of an adventurous vacation, full of twists, turns, tons of activities and wild stints, you’d think of a trip to the mountains but hardly ever the valley. More specifically, Napa Valley.

But what if we told you that in addition to being one of the most popular viticulture regions in the world, is also the perfect escape for the traveler who seeks adventure—and relaxation—in one place?

You can go out and explore Wine Country, but then come home to the comfort and luxury of your rental vacation home. If you hadn’t thought of Wine Country or any of its AVAs as the ideal destination for a fun-filled vacation, you might want to consider this option.

hotel room

Some of the most thrilling activities you can partake in while you’re visiting—of course, apart from being in a perpetual state of wine-fueled bliss—are:

Guided Hikes Tailored to You

The best part about Wine Country is how much variety there is to the terrain and how, despite all the incredible historical architecture and tourist spots, nature is very central. All through the year, the vineyards are a delight to see. The lush green, the changing colors, the way everything looks right before the harvest, how colors change in fall and the way sunsets look in winter—it’s all breathtaking. No matter what time of the year you visit, you’re in for a hike to remember.


Our local guides will help you create the perfect hike and itinerary depending on multiple factors including fitness level, experience, sights and regions you wish to focus on. From trekking up steeper terrains through forests and woods, all the way to guided hikes around rivers and wineries, the options are endless and perfectly tailored to the needs of you and your friends.

Another popular choice made by a lot of tourists is that of going on ‘wikes,’ which are, you guessed it, wine hikes. Journey through vineyards, stopping by wineries, or tasting wines as you go along for a tipsy, topsy-turvy trek you’ll never forget!

Wine Tours

Wine tours are the quintessential Wine Country adventure—even if that adventure is more gastronomical. What’s more exciting than exploring the best wineries and tasting some of the most incredible wines in the world?


Our in-house sommelier can help you plan the best wine country tours that complements the rest of your trip and plans for a guaranteed good time. Don’t hesitate from going all-out—it’s an adventure of a lifetime!

No trip to Wine Country is complete without wine country tours, no matter what the purpose of your trip is.

Russian River Kayaking

The Russian River is a beautiful location, with a river that ebbs and flows, and will carry your kayak along its length. Enjoy the beautiful views along the river, with shrubbery and tree branches forming a canopy that protects you.

Surrounded by nature, the river brings with it a sense of adventure and calm all at once. Not only do you get to navigate through the waters and explore the banks as they come along, you can stop by and soak up sun, enjoy a bottle of wine and some snacks during your stops.

If you’re staying at any of our luxury vacation homes in the area, whether it’s in Napa, Sonoma County or Calistoga County, our guest services can help you plan a kayak adventure you’ll always remember.

Guided Bike Tours

One of the best ways to explore the vineyards and nearby areas is through bike tours. Walking on foot can be exhausting and take you all day, but a romantic bike ride through the lush green fields, winding ways and routes is one of the best ways to cover ground.

There are plenty of guided bike tours and trips that head out and about, helping you move through the area while teaching you a thing or two—and not to mention all the wine that’s usually a part of these expeditions!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Tired of walking around and want the complete feeling of luxury? Like you’re floating on a cloud? Dying to see the world from a unique perspective? Aspiring to reach new heights?

You’re in luck!

Wine Country has views that are worth observing from every vantage point possible, including up in the air. That’s why the hot air balloon tours here are definitely worth a try. For every adventurer, for every romantic, for everyone wanting to make memories they’ll cherish forever, these hot air balloon rides are a dream come true.

hot air balloon

Watch the sun go down, sip on some delicious wine and breathe in the chilly air. You’re all the way up there, the world can’t touch you and all you see is beauty.

Personal Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a personal adventure that helps you discover your body in ways unlike any other. Guide your body through movement, poses, breath and push it to new limits, while learning to be gentle with yourself. There’s nothing quite like discovering the things you never knew you were capable of, bending, stretching and extending with grace and poise.

Yoga classes in Wine Country aren’t like others, with many of them including wine tastings for a completely unique experience. Reward yourself for taking on the challenge with a tall, cool glass of bubbly or some rich, delicious red wine.

Massages to Unwind After All the Adventuring

Of course, all the adventure and exploration will leave you feeling drained, sore, a little burnt out and in need of a long, relaxing break. This is where the world-famous body massages come to the rescue. Speak to us about our guest services that include massages too. Relax and unwind as the expert masseurs and masseuse work away all the tension and soreness from your body.


After all the fun and adventure, you get a chance to let loose like a true escape to paradise. Not to mention, you get to come home to a beautiful space. Get in touch with us to snag the most beautiful rental vacation homes for your trip to Wine Country.

Many of them are within close reach of these activities, or a short travel distance away. And if you’d rather just hang around by the pool or soak in a hot tub with a bottle of wine and some delicious food, we can help you pull that off too!