The Benefits of Getting a Massage on Vacation

A vacation is the time you save for, to indulge and treat yourself, let loose and have a good time. It’s when you travel to gorgeous places, whether it’s a short road trip or a long, exotic trip. An adventure in the mountains, or maybe just a relaxing weekend spent chilling around with your pals. Factor in a massage on vacation to give yourself a break from your exhausting routine and replenish your energy, returning home relaxed & calmer.

The Best Part of Your Vacation is Your Spa Treatment

There’s that dreaded feeling that your vacation doesn’t quite feel like it left you feeling relaxed or happy; it nags you and makes you sad, making it feel pointless. It’s difficult to eliminate of months and years of stress in a few days, and traveling itself is stressful too.

This is why the best way to start off any vacation is by settling in and heading straight to your nearest spa. Set the tone and the mood of this escape and enjoy the benefits that come with it too:

Feel your stress melt away

The biggest benefit of a good massage is the stress relief. We’re talking about emotional stress that piles up from work and routine and the physical stress you carry. Allow your body to release tension with a massage on vacation, there’s not better time for it.

Our bodies hold stress and tension in several ways and places, including your shoulders, hips, arms, neck and other parts. A massage is exactly what it takes to loosen it all up and let go.

Getting a Massage on Vacation

Enjoy the best sleep of your life

When you feel relaxed, pampered and enjoy the sensation of letting go, sleep it off! When you’re down in Wine Country, CA, staying in one of our luxury vacation homes, there’s nothing better than stretching back with a glass of wine and calling it a night. In fact, the benefits will carry on for a while, as you sleep better overall.

Watch your mood improve

Apart from being relaxed and feeling rested, your mood will improve overall as a result of increase in serotonin and dopamine. You’ll get back the swing in your step and be able to truly enjoy your time spent exploring, going on wine tours, just relaxing with your friends and loved ones!

Schedule a Wine Tour with friendsIn fact, massages help with depression and anxiety as well, improving your mental health on the whole.

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