The Calistoga Chardonnay and Crab Feast 2020: What to Expect

Valentine’s Day is not the only thing that makes February a special month. There’s a lot more fun waiting for you. But you know where the fun begins? Calistoga!

The stars are aligned to make your trip to Calistoga happen because the weather is more than favorable right now. Just warm enough to make your cheeks blush to a faint rosy pink, February here is the perfect balance between warm and cold. You might even experience the occasional showers that give life to the colors in the gorgeous landscape.

With raindrops glistening like crystals in the subtle sun and the flowing rivers complementing the hymn of the land with soothing music, this place is as close to heaven as you could get. But what makes it a big tourist attraction is the eventful life that it offers! Yes, we’re talking about the Calistoga Chardonnay and Crab Feast happening this year.

Connoisseurs who live for wine and those who have a taste for savory crab feasts are already booking their tickets for this event. Scheduled for the 22nd of February, people from all over California and even from afar are saving the date and planning their trips as well. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for more reasons to spare some time to make a trip to Calistoga, you needn’t worry because this blog is going to change your plans and put Crab Feast 2020 on your bucket list!

Food That’s To Die For

Dungeness Crab

This big, thick-shelled swimmer offers a generous amount of the most tender meat that you can enjoy in the seafood variety. Prized by the chefs in the area—and even more so when the season is full of their likes—these crabs are a treat to have on your lunch menu or dinner table. Famous across Oregon, Washington and California, this slightly sweet meat when cooked to perfection with savory sauces is a winner at all events, casual or formal!

Dungeness crabs are the West Coast’s favorite crustacean that will soon become your favorite food to have this season (or every season!). There are various ways of preparing a feast of Dungeness crabs that’ll end up giving you mouthwatering delicacies to devour! Be it a cioppino or a full-roasted Dungeness, it’s going to be a mystery to dig your fork into.

Simmered in buttery sauces and served with a salad dressing and tarragon vinaigrette, and crusty bread to go with it, the oven-roasted Dungeness crab will exceed all your expectations. And all you have to do to enjoy a bite of this delicacy is to save the date for the 22nd of February and make your way to Calistoga!

Prawn Perfection

There’s more to lure Californians and tourists to this event! Along with the creatively cooked crustaceans, there’s also a variety of prawns that you can find at the event.

As for the chefs preparing this 5-star gourmet meal, prawn meat is a versatile ingredient that inspires them to action. And the chefs at this event will be nothing but the best in the culinary industry so you can only imagine the kind of masterpieces they’ll create!

From curries to salads, and pasta to linguine, there’ s only so much you can get that’s made from prawns. And people of all kinds of taste preferences and spice tolerance will be delighted! You can enjoy a punch of chilly burst in prawn orecchiette with roasted-shell olive oil. Or you could savor a mix of sea veggies and king prawns in delectable linguine.

The menu is definitely going to be a diverse array of Thai, Chinese and Continental flavors so there’ll be something for everyone. Bring your friends and family and enjoy an evening with finger-licking good food and drinks.

Potatoes All The Way!

Did we mention that it’s a family-friendly event? You’re more than welcome to bring your kids along! From the ambiance to the food, everything will be appropriated to meet family standards.

So while there’ll be tons of delicious food options that only adults can try, there’ll be soft foods and medium-spiced treats for the little ones. YES, we’re talking about potatoes and we know every kid loves the soft, mashed texture of well-cooked potatoes that go with every main on the menu.

From garlic roasted potatoes to buttery potato delights, there’s a variety of presentations, textures and flavors that you’ll find! Don’t miss out on loaded baked potato casseroles, shepherd’s pie potato bowls, potato Caesar salad or the absolutely divine potato leek soup. There’ll be this and much more on the menu that you can try on your tour to Calistoga.

Mussels: The Belgian Specialty

This treat first became common as pots full of steaming mussels, dressed in white wine and sprinkled with fresh greens and herbs, circulating in the streets of Brussels. Soon after it became popularized as a Belgian specialty as it draws upon a trail of cultural history, it became famous across the globe.

There’s been a raging diatribe about the moules-frites between Belgium and France about the origin story of this delicacy. But the only part of that debate that concerns food lovers is that it’s popular enough for food giants to be fighting over it!

We’re sure you could’ve guessed it by now but a major reason that mussels are going to be a major attraction at this event is that wine is the secret ingredient in all of its recipes. And it’s no secret that it’s a must-have on the menu for this event because it’s a celebration of good food and even better wine!

The taste of white wine mixed with the essence of mussels has become a signature aroma of this treat. Traditionally, heavy cream was added to bring out the velvety flavor, but cashew cream has also been used popularly to add a tinge of nutty goodness to this dish. Pair it with a glass of wine and it’ll be a feast fit for the king!

Crusty Sourdough Bread

With all the different kinds of flavors tantalizing your taste buds, you’d need something neutral to cleanse your palate. Don’t worry; we’ve got that covered as well. The crusty sourdough bread that makes a perfect pair with every meal will be generously served at the Calistoga Chardonnay and the Crab Feast 2020.

It’ll be slightly disappointing to think that the bread will only be a side, because it’s not. Sourdough bread can be served in a million ways that make it part of the main as the sauces and the toppings. Among a few classic bread pairings that have complimented the menu selection are cheesy French onion pull-apart, Philly cheesesteak with a sourdough bread bowl, overnight waffles and kimchi tempeh avocado toast.

If you’re a true foodie, you must be imagining threads of mozzarella cheese stretching from side to side as you pull the bread apart. And don’t stop dreaming because this event will be a fulfillment of that and MUCH MORE!

Star of the night: Chardonnay

There are no words that will be enough to describe the eruption of sensations in your mouth as you sip on Chardonnay. This is the world’s most popular wine for all the right reasons!

Considered a twin to the white wine varieties, Chardonnay has earned this reputation more because of its perfection than the resemblance. Considered the ultimate expression of the grape, this wine is made from the yield of vineyards stretching across 93,148 acres.

Since this harvest season is full of party vibes, it’s best that you prepare your taste buds for generous amounts of the best wine that Calistoga has to offer. In an ambiance of live music and an extensive dessert buffet, this wine is the best thing you can have in your glass.

So bring your spouse of 10 years or your newly-found Valentine to this event and give them a night of memories and joy! They say, no celebration is complete without a bottle of good wine but we say a celebration of wine itself, is the best of its kind.

Make room for the 22nd of March in your planners and start preparing because this delightful occasion is just around the corner!

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