Tips for Making the Most Out Of a Wine Tasting Tour

As the near-arctic chill of the furnished wine tasting room washes over you, you belly up to the bar prepared to discover your new favorite wine. But you’re confronted with exuberant staffers and overwritten tasting menus; your wine tasting tour just went from calming to overwhelming in a minute!

Whether you’re a wine tasting extraordinaire or embarking on your first winery experience, rest assured, there’s a method to all the madness.

We spoke to some winery tasting room managers and put together some of the best tips to help you make the most of your wine tasting experience. The most important advice they shared? Have fun.

Every person at the wine tasting aims to educate and entertain you with each pour.

Follow the tasting order

The person pouring the drinks isn’t being bossy by asking you to drink the Chenin Blanc before the Merlot; there’s a science behind every wine tasting sequence.

Wine producers spend a long time organizing wines for optimal results. Red wines can leave behind a puckery feeling on your palate, which can cloud the taste of lighter wines. This is exactly why rosés and whites are typically served before dessert wines.

It’s encouraged to let the experts lead the way on your wine tasting tour. Ask the pourers for recommendations when confronted with more than one tasting menus. And if you’re in a large group, it’s a good idea to share flights.

Befriend the water pitcher

Not to ruin your buzz but skipping water won’t ever end well. Not only is it an outstanding palate cleanser, but it keeps you hydrated and alert during your wine tastings.

This is crucial at outdoor tasting events where dehydration and heatstroke can easily become a problem.

Rule of thumb: Take two sips of every wine. Drink it only if you love it; if not, simply spit it out. Don’t worry, you’re not “wasting” good alcohol; the winery won’t be offended.

Wine Tasting Tour

Keep some snacks

Empty stomachs and booze don’t mix well. Don’t be the person who stumbles out of the wine tasting rooms. Eat breakfast before you drink. That being said, bold flavors like sriracha or hollandaise can interfere with your taste or smell and cloud your palate. Stick to white mushrooms, unsalted nuts or crackers to cleanse your palate in between sips.

If you’re planning to visit multiple wineries, pack lunch for the road; preferably pairing wines with different cheeses.

Side note: Make sure you have designated driver who takes you to the wineries.

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