Travel Anxiety—3 Tips For Making It Through And Enjoying It

Going on a vacation but feeling immense stress at the thought of being high up in the air? Excited about going to amazing places, but can’t help sweating away in your sheets thinking about all the worse case scenarios?

You’re not alone.

Travel anxiety can affect even the most confident of people. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lifetime of nervous shivers and clammy hands every time you board a plane.

These tips will help you manage your travel anxiety and have a splendid holiday.

Understand That A Little Anxiety Is Normal—And Sometimes, Even Necessary

Anxiety isn’t technically a bad emotion—some level of anxiety is actually necessary to keep ourselves in check, especially in high stress situations like traveling.

As much as traveling is fun and exciting, it’s also a little risky. There’s always a chance that something will go wrong, and there’s nothing worse than being completely unprepared for it.

Being a little on edge actually helps you stay alert and ready to handle things if things don’t end up going according to plan.


Try To Pinpoint Your Main Stressors

In order to ease away your anxiety and stress, it’s important to know exactly what’s causing it. Figure out what part of traveling is triggering your anxiety and try to work on those things.

It also helps to focus on things like packing, or thinking about everything you’ve got planned for your trip, instead of letting all the stress-triggering scenarios fester in your mind.

Another good idea for overcoming the overthinking is to try to learn more about the place you’re visiting.

Replace Worst-Case Scenarios With Logic—Or Call A Friend

When we’re stressed, we tend to overthink the worst-case scenarios, because we think that this will somehow help us stay prepared for the worst in case something goes wrong.

However, most of the time, these scenarios don’t make logical sense, and are a long-shot from the truth.

So the next time you start getting negative thoughts, try to look at things logically and reason with yourself to overcome the feeling. A great option is to call a friend you trust to talk you through your nervous episodes.

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