Travel Hacks for Short and Spontaneous Weekend Getaways

Keep it real; keep it achievable—that’s the best strategy to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions.

Just because some of these goals are difficult to achieve, doesn’t mean you should give up on your resolutions.

If you want to work out more, join a gym and follow through with it.

If you want to read more, grab a book and dedicate an hour to it every day.

If you want to eat clean, set daily reminders of drinking water and taking a green snack.

But if you want to travel more, the solution doesn’t come as easy. When it comes to traveling, there are a lot of factors that might be hindering your plans. Budget constraints are often the biggest hurdle. Your financial situation can make it difficult to peel away from a pre-set spending schedule and invest your money elsewhere. Then comes the challenge of detaching yourself from a busy routine and finding time away from work and home to simply relax at a retreat.

Despite all these suggestions, it can be impossibly hard to devise a travel plan for this year and go through with it. Don’t let weekend getaways become an impossibility to achieve just because it’s challenging to make it happen. As long as you’re committed to the cause, there’s no force that can stop you from getting there. Here are some simple hacks to make your traveling dreams come true.

Plan Big but Start Small

While you might want to travel the world one day, if you don’t have enough savings or leaves to do that just now, it’s best to start small. Not being able to travel to faraway islands doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all. Here’s some good news for all Californians out there: one of the most wondrous places is only a few hours away! You don’t have to bring your life to a standstill just for a weekend trip. All you need is a free weekend, a luggage bag, and a quick plan.

If this is your first trip, make it a short road trip to a destination that’s only a few hours away. Once you taste the freedom of traveling on a long road, leaving all your worries behind, you’ll be prepared to take a longer one. And when you’re ready, the Wine Country will be waiting for you! It’s because this place deserves time and dedication to be experienced to the fullest.

From the beautiful vineyards and wide stretches of meadows, to rivers glistening under the sun and green hillsides adding to the pastoral appeal, it’s a hot vacation spot. It’s only once the smell of fresh grapes and aged wine wafting through the air hit you that you’d know what being in paradise feels like!

Take Stopover Programs

Frequent travelers often laud direct flights for the convenience of getting off the plane at your destination directly. But what’s a vacation if not for unplanned adventures and some spontaneous fun? Take a stopover program and you can thank us for it later.

If you don’t know about stopover programs: they’re basically flights that allow you to extend your layovers at different stops so that you can enjoy mini-vacations on your way. If you’re not California local and plan on visiting Napa Valley from somewhere else, stopover programs will be even more rewarding for you.

Make the most of your vacation spending and add more destinations to your travel plan for no additional charge! What’s a better deal than that?

Pick Your Bank(s) Wisely

Have you ever sifted through credit card mails in your mailbox? If you’ve been picking your cards according to the banks that are closest to your place or offer the greatest discounts, think twice. In order to materialize your traveling plans, you need to work toward them actively. Managing your finances is best dealt with first. A good way to secure funds for your luxury retreat is to get a credit card that offers travel benefits.

When it comes to planning a trip, not all luxuries come at a price; you can avail many things without paying much if you use your brain. It’s possible to save money on airfare or hotel stays if you rack up flyer miles.

Read up on your bank’s policies and work toward securing funds for your vacation this year! And best of all: you don’t even have to travel by air to score flyer miles. All you have to do is be keen on your spending and keep track of your scores.

Sign Up For Flight Alerts

Don’t wait for the right dates to travel and then purchase whichever flight is available; plan your trip ahead of time to save money. The best way to do that is to track flights and airfares and reserve the credit limit to make a purchase when the deal is lowest.

However, it’s not possible to do that by visiting airline websites every hour. It’s better to sign up for flight alerts and stay on top of your game. These alerts will inform you about periods when the fares are lowest and a round trip costs much cheaper than peak seasons!

Travel During Off-Season

If you’re picking Christmas holidays or the end of the year to travel, it’s certainly going to be a high traffic season for airlines. This will translate in the form of extortionate airfares and busy flight schedules. Not only would you have to settle for odd times to travel but also pay a fortune for it.

It’s smarter to travel during off-season dates. This will definitely be more economical and offer greater value for money because then you can spend lavishly on luxuries and booking the best activities at your travel destination.

In Napa Valley, that could mean going on kayaking trips, traveling in luxury cars, trying out hiking, enjoying endless wine tours in Healdsburg, collect souvenirs, and staying at one of our luxury vacation home rentals!

Look For One-Stop Solutions

As a first-time traveler, a big concern is to handle all the paperwork and managing money while planning the trip. It requires sufficient experience to become smooth with management issues. But for now, you can look for one-stop solutions to all your traveling needs. This includes housing, transportation, sight-seeing and local adventure sports.

Our vacation package deals are the answer to all these problems. Not only do we offer luxury rentals that are replete with extravagant amenities and beautiful décor but also added guest services. Our hospitality knows no end because we’ll take you to guided hiking tours, kayaking trips, offer spa massages in-house, sommelier services, wine-tasting tours, luxury travel, pick and drop from the airport and much more!

If you’re looking for an easy way out of all the hassle of planning and managing chores, book our package and enjoy a stress-free vacation to Wine Country—there’s no place better to stay at than our luxury retreat homes.

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