Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels in Calistoga: The Ultimate Breakdown

When in Calistoga, live as the locals do! When traveling in larger groups with children and family members, understanding vacation rentals vs. hotels in Calistoga is important for space and comfort.

If you’re traveling to this beautiful town in Napa Valley, CA, you’d want to plan your trip out to make the most of it. You’d want to explore the scenic views and natural hot springs, relax in a sticky mud bath for that vacation glow, tan in the California sun and enjoy the best foods and wines that money can buy.

However, as is the case with any destination in the world, it can be hard to find the right vacation accommodation. A lot of people choose the first hotel they find, paying thousands of dollars that they never even accounted for, while others choose to couch surf or look for other alternatives.


Hotel Alternatives

One of the most popular choices for vacation accommodation is that of vacation rentals. We’ll be comparing both hotels and vacation homes:

Hidden and explicit costs

Hotels are infamous for being incredibly pricey, even when you think you’re getting a good deal. One room service meal or a couple of snacks from the mini-fridge and bam! Your bill is several hundred dollars more than anticipated. This, in addition to hidden charges such as laundry, parking, pharmacies and more, can really throw your budget out of whack.

Vacation rentals are much more transparent that way, because you’re paying for a home and you won’t incur any additional costs unless you sign up for those amenities. For instance, you’ll be informed about transport charges before you hire it, or you’re going to be stocking up your own groceries and meals instead of relying on room service.


Vacation Rentals in Calistoga

Space and privacy

Comfort and privacy come above everything else especially if you’re traveling with friends and family. Hotel rooms tend to be very small and cramped and accommodate a limited number of people per room. You’re also surrounded by strangers, hotel staff and management and it can get uncomfortable.


Vacation Rental Privacy

Most of our vacation homes are private properties without people around. You can enjoy the comfort and privacy like it’s your own home, doing whatever you like. You’ll also be in close vicinity to most tourist spots, town square, and downtown locations. If not, we offer transport services!


Wondering if giving up a hotel is worth the FOMO? You have nothing to worry about! Each vacation rental comes with its own amenities, including pools and hot tubs, Wi-Fi, home entertainment systems and much more.

Not only do you get private amenities like these, but there are additional perks. We offer special recommendations for regional activities such as bike tours, spas, and wine tours in Calistoga.


Calistoga Vacation Amenities

You can contact us to learn more about the vacation rentals in Calistoga, which are perfect for L.A. and San Diego tourers.