Weekend Getaway: 3 Sites To Visit in Healdsburg

When in Healdsburg, do as the Healdsburg-ians do!

Among the many wine-rich regions in California, Healdsburg is one that has put the others to shame. Located in Sonoma County, Healdsburg is the hub of all tourist activities and receives a fair share of vacationers every year. Year after year, it sends back throngs of tourists with valuable memories of a trip that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

While a major part of this small countryside town is because of its local wine, the landscape and local sites don’t fail to mesmerize crowds of vacationers either. If you’re planning to take a weekend break from the busy city life, you need to head over to Healdsburg. And here are the reasons why this trip won’t be a waste of time or money!

Rafanelli Winery

It’s impossible to visit Healdsburg and not check out the beautiful vineyards that it boasts! The Rafanelli winery is one such spectacular site that spreads over an expanse of 85 acres. This vineyard is located in Dry Creek Valley, and offers vacationers a mini-experience of the Wine Country in one glance!

Having been in the ownership of a family for four generations, this is a small wine-making production that has seen many seasons since 1900.

Founded by Alberto Rafanelli, this winery takes on the name of its early founder. This is why this vineyard is as much a prosperous wine business as it is a historic site. You can enjoy a sampling of the finest labels on appointment and treat your taste buds!


If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you must not miss the chance to visit this local boutique. Arboretum houses some of the most fashionable styles in apparel for both men and women. Even if you’ve come with a suitcase full of dresses, it doesn’t hurt to take a few fashion souvenirs of this vacation.

From sapphire silks to trendy tees, you’ll find everything from a casual outfit to a formal ensemble on the racks of this shop. Spare some time to check this out. It’s much more fitting that you wear something new at your wine tours and fancy dinners!

Lime Stone

Headed by Lisa Palmer, Lime Stone is a local store that offers dining furniture and interior décor items.

The furniture pieces stored in here are nothing short of restaurant-level exquisite. Perfect for study routines and office décor, they also offer tabletop accessories such as crystal stemware and slip-covered chairs.

If you want to amuse yourself with an assortment of fine quality furniture and take some back home, add this store to your go-to list!

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